Too Damn Pampered

If there is one thing this annoying wrestle with WordPress has taught me, it’s to never take things for granted…and that boy, do I have it easy.

You know, we live in an age of absolute convenience and indulgence. We’ve got everything at the touch of our fingertips—literally. We have instant access to anything and everything:

Bored? Click. Ooh, Food Network on TV!
Hungry? Click. Hello, Papa Johns?
Lonely? Click. Hi, *insert best friend’s name here*, whatcha doing?

We live at the peak of The Age of Pampering. Maybe…a bit too pampered. To the point that we are immune to it. To the point that we have become fat, petulant, ungrateful children. At least, I think I have.

Sometimes, I wonder what real hardship is like. What does it mean to physically toil away, dripping sweat and blood to earn all the riches and pleasures I’m enjoying?

I mean, look at me: I’m moaning and groaning because my internet connection isn’t working the way I want it to be. I sigh tragically because I have to sit through two hours of examination (my first final is in…2 hours). I pout because my parents are too busy ministering in China to send me an email. I scowl because I’m not allowed to sneak food out of the dining hall.

Oh dear. What am I turning into? I think there is a point where I become too comfortable and happy that I become uncomfortable and unhappy with the most minor and ridiculous details. Confused

That’s why…I needed that. I needed that little nudge, that little prick in the butt while I lay all too relaxed in my big fluffy couch. I need something to go wrong, just so I am reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am. When things go wrong, I remember all the things that are right. Thus I suppose sometimes, having problems in my life is a good thing.

Still, I am relieved to say that my problems are fixed…for now. WordPress issues are gone. I don’t know how, and I don’t really care; I’m just so freaking happy whenever WordPress loads up on my computer that it’s kind of embarrassing.

Also, God answered my prayers. I met up with my history TA to discuss some exam questions, and she actually agreed to let me turn in my history project! Of course this isn’t really “allowed”…but she must have been enchanted by my charms. Tongue out
In addition, she informed me that my final paper was one of the best in the class! Double woo-hoo! Open-mouthed

Oh, and parents finally emailed. I told them as courteously as possible that they are very, very, very mean for ignoring their one and only daughter like that. They apologized, and said they’ve been preaching for up to 14 hours each day, and practically fainted on their beds each time they got back to their hotel. So all is forgiven.

Of course, I’m pretty sure something is going to go wrong again sometime. But in the meantime, I’m damn well gonna enjoy and be grateful for all the things that are good right now.:-)

And you know another thing I’m never going to take for granted? A freaking good sandwich. Remember that disaster sandwich at Newsroom Cafe? And what about this sandwich? And this one? Maybe not, but after those episodes, I realized that you certainly can mess up a simple sandwich.

Not so for Langer’s Delicatessen. Oh Lordie. If you want the best sandwich ever, fly down to Los Angeles and hit this place up. I swear, you’ll never want to leave.
IMG_1424Langer’s is known for the best pastrami sandwich in America. That’s right—The best pastrami sandwich in America. Perhaps even the world. And yes, it’s in Los Angeles. Not New York, home of the pastrami delis. In fact, I’m pretty sure Langer’s is the only deli place that got the James Beard Award. Here’s the stamp on the menu to prove it:
IMG_1428Take that, New Yorkers! Kanz, go to the corner and cry!

Well, how can I pass up a place that holds such a fine prestige? Mimi, Kathryn, and I decided to hit up this place one afternoon and taste that wonder sandwich for ourselves.
IMG_1425 The interior design is pretty down-to-earth, very much like a homey, low-key diner. I was already warming up to this place.
IMG_1426 Apparently, the #19 sandwich is the sandwich to get here. See, they even have a sign that says so.
IMG_1427Mimi snagged that one first. That girl is fast! See, we have a mutual rule that says we will never order the same dish, so I looked up for a second alternative.

I found that there is actually a pretty lively debate over the “true” taste of a pastrami sandwich. According to some pastrami sandwich-snobs, just plain pastrami with a slather of mustard is the only way to honor the ethereal taste of their pastrami. So I obliged. Plain it is!

Here it is:
IMG_1431 Hot, hand-cut pastrami on rye bread.

And here’s Mimi’s #19:
IMG_1430 Hot, hand-cut pastrami, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on rye bread (no Swiss cheese).

And Kathryn ordered a vegetable soup:
IMG_1429 Vegetables and barley soup of the day.

Holy pastrami. It was good. Damn good.
IMG_1433 The meat was intensely flavorful, with just the right amount of fattiness and leanness. And oh…so…juicy…
IMG_1434 But being a carb-whore, I definitely thought that the rye bread was the wow factor of this sandwich. It was the chewiest, yummiest bread I’ve ever had that wasn’t a french baguette. It was served warm; lovely and chewy on the inside, crunchy and crusty on the outside. Perfection!
IMG_1435 Unfortunately…them Chowhounders lied. I don’t care if the “right” and “honorable” way to eat this is just plain pastrami. I was definitely missing some tang! I wanted CHEEEEESE! Crying
IMG_1437 It was just too…plain, even with a thick slather of mustard.

Thankfully, Mimi was generous enough to share a quarter of her sandwich:
IMG_1436Oh. Em. Gi. Now, not to sound blasphemous…but this was the Holy Trinity of Sandwiches: Pastrami, Coleslaw, and Russian Dressing. I wasn’t sure if I was tasting more of my saliva or the sandwich itself! Open-mouthed

Now that, my friend, is a sandwich. No Arnold’s Sandwich Thins for me! Tongue out

I didn’t taste Kathryn’s soup, but it seemed pretty good, with lots of chewy barley. At least, I hope it was good…She doesn’t like red meat, but was awfully kind enough to give Mimi and I a ride to Langer’s. I love this girl! Red heart

Warning: It’s a bit pricey though. A typical sandwich is about $14. Add tips and drinks, and you’re running close to $20 for a meal. But dang it, it’s worth it!

Okay, these pictures are making my stomach rumble and I’m supposed to take my first final exam soon…I hope I don’t disturb my fellow classmates! Wish me luck!

Question of the day: What is one thing you take for granted in your life? And…what is the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten?

84 responses to “Too Damn Pampered

  1. OMG, am I the first one to comment! That never happens!

    Hi Sophia! I was reading what you wrote about complaining about trivial stuff. I got an e-mail today from this girl who is doing an ornament drive to give kids ornaments to kids spending it in the hospital. She’s 26 and said she was in treatment, so I e-mailed her back and she said she’s had liver cancer, liver transplant, 7 heart attacks, 2 coma’s and dialysis 3 x a week for 8 hours each time for the last 10 years! She’s only 26! WTF? I had tears in my eyes reading her story and she’s so far collected 7,000 ornaments to give to kids spending their holiday’s in the hospital.

    I said to myself, don’t you dare complain about the weather, or your car breaking down or nothin!


    On a separate note, I’m glad you got to turn in your assignment and you got a note from your Momma & Poppa!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love a good sandwich, and that looks freaking awesome!

  3. Good luck on your final!!!! That sandwich looks like excellent brain food😉

  4. OMG that sammie looks fantastic I love deli style on real rye bread with a kosher dill on the side, you made my mouth WATERRR

    I sometimes take for granted the convenice I have to everything as well. Right now I am sitting by a pool in FL in my grandparents back yard on vacation and I was just complaining bc the high speed internet wasnt working as fast outside as it does inside-yes complaining about that while sitting in the sun enjoying the weather on my mac computer, I mean really, I need to cool-it sometimes! thank you for putting things in perspective:)

  5. Love this post! It’s funny how life has its way putting things in perspective for us!

    No Arnold’s sandwich thins for me, either…it tastes like tasteless air…

    I think, sometimes, I take my boyfriend for granted…bad…need to work on that.

  6. Oh my, I take SO many things for granted. Technology is a huge one (heat, air conditioning, freaking electricity). I take for granted how much awesome food I have available to me (especially here in California). I take the good weather for granted (yes, it’s raining, but that’s a welcome rarity). I take my husband for granted all the time. Hot water. Transportation. Hmm, is that enough?😉

    As for a favorite sandwich, I love a good grilled cheese or peanut butter and banana. I know that’s boring, but oh well:)

  7. That sammich needs me. I’m sure of it. Can you hook us up??

  8. You have the best food pics….

  9. Always always enjoy your thoughts before the food. Yeah, I agree sometime we should stop thinking what we don’t have, but appreciate how beautiful our life has already been.

    I learned a new word today – pastrami ! though not a new food😀 My grandpa love to me these pastramis (but not eat in sandwich , haha ). they are pretty generous in loading the pastrami!!! Hope they have a franchise here in Maryland sometime!

  10. HA Katz will always have the best pastrami sammies but that one sure does look good lol

    Aww I am glad you heard from your parents!

  11. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to get our heads back on straight. Yet another great post!

  12. You are such an insightful human bean, I would love to meet you! I am dying for a sandwich and I wish I could get one just like that!

  13. sammies. mmmm. omg, that is soo nice of your ta to let you turn it in! SCORE!

    i take for granted how much my parents alow me to continue this crazy workout life. =D

    the best sandwich i ever ate (this is so food network) was at berkeley bowl. it was a premade tofu (bbq) sandwich on a bun. um. it was heaven.

  14. Something I take for granted? I think my mom. Sometimes I listen to other people talk about fights with their mom or even their simply amicable relationship and I stop and realize how DAMN LUCKY I am to have such an AMAZING mother who is literally my BEST FRIEND. So anytime I get the chance to take a step back and realize how fortunate I am to have such an amazing person in my life, I jump on it.

    Best sandwich ever? I’m a simple girl. Back when I ate meat – my FAVORITE sandwich in high school (and by favorite I mean I ate it like 3x a week lol) was a plain chicken cutlet (italian style with breadcrumbs and fried) on a hero roll. Add a little salt and enjoy the simple DELICIOUS flavors. (Paired with an apple juice – because I was OH SO healthy)

    Your posts are always so inspiring and thought-provoking. Thank goodness WordPress is no longer being a b*tch lol

    Nicole G

  15. You are not alone in taking for granted our wonderful Information Age, High Tech Conveniences. I also feel frazzled when my internet goes out! But what a wonderful experience to realize how grateful you are for it! I don’t think it’s bad to have life “so easy,” but I think it’s important that we are aware and grateful.

    Your sandwich just made me want a big sandwich. Yum!

  16. fruitsveggieslife

    I definitely take my wonderful parents for granted – they are the most amazing, supportive, loving parents ever, but I never seem to notice that when I’m with them. It is only when I am hundreds or thousands of miles away that I realize how great they are.

    I’m not sure about the best sandwich…. I just don’t know.:/

  17. OMG Sophia, I absolutely love this sentence: “I think there is a point where I become too comfortable and happy that I become uncomfortable and unhappy with the most minor and ridiculous details.” — it totally snapped me back to reality too!

    Johnny and I usually have the same rule to order different things so we can share. Plus, I feel like if we were in the mood to eat the same thing anyways I should have just cooked at home and saved some $! I have to admit, though – I would have gone w/ Mimi’s choice! It looks delicious!

  18. good luck with the final!!
    i totally know what you mean, this week i haven’t had anything to worry about except studying for finals, and its not like i’m pressed for time. but i can’t stand it. i completely take for granted all that i have going for me and the relaxation i could be enjoying.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  19. I love how you put everything into such fantastic perspective. I am the same way, when it comes to the internet. If it doesn’t go really fast, I get super annoyed. When our electricity was out for two days last year, I’ve never realized how much we take electricity for granted. It was UNREAL!

    I’m drooling over that Pastrami. The James Beard award is a huge honor, so it must have been just as good as it looks!

    Good luck with that exam😉

  20. I am so happy that things are going your way this week! Yay for Worldpress working once again, yay for your history project being accepted, and YAY for hearing from your parents!!!:)

    You always deserve the best things but you are totally practical in realizing that there will be one of those days/weeks once again. The only thing we can do is, take it as they come, one day at a time.😉

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet girl!

  21. That sandwich looks just perfect!
    And let me say: I love it that you make these important and great realizations every time. You truly try to learn from all the things that happen to you and I think that’s such a wonderful thing. When you share it with posts like this…oooow, I love that! Makes me think about my ‘own stuff’, thanks girl!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  22. Isn’t that so true? Whenever something jars me out of my cushy routine of blessings that I’m given, it makes me realize that I have to remember how good I have things. Sure, things suck when they go wrong, but I suppose it makes you appreciate it more when they go right.

    As for the sandwich thing, that’s really weird, because I was just thinking (after eating it…every day) that my favorite easy meal is just toasted Ezekiel bread with a huge mashed up avocado (and spices) with sprouts, cut in half, eaten open faced. If there’s not at least an inch of avocado on there, it’s not big enough:)

  23. i still haven’t been to langer’s but i gotta go! i used to eat at deli’s in nyc all the time. this one looks a lot more manageable – portion wise – than the ones on the east coast.

  24. that sandiwch looks really good!! my favorite sandiwch is a veggie burger from a local restaurant in columbus:) it is soo amazing


  25. Sophia, thank you for this post, for gently reminding us that everything in life is precious. I take my educational opportunities for granted… I’m complaining about 12-page papers while not acknowledging how lucky I am to have teachers and classmates who hold themselves to such high standards and encourage me to be my best, too. Being appreciative is definitely something I will try to practice more often.

  26. thank you for this beautiful post. gah, i take SO much for granted in my life! its ridiculous. i take shelter, warmth, clothes for granted-some things so many people dont have

    i went to brazil for a summer and that REALLY opened up my eyes about how blessed we are

  27. There definitely aren’t enough good delis left these days!

    I don’t eat a ton of sandwiches, but I guess my favorite is the standard hummus and roasted veg.

  28. Great post, it definitely helps to always keep things in perspective!

    I’m glad your WP issues have been solved though – I’m so helpless with computers and also get frustrated easily. My hubby would sure love to visit that deli!

  29. i am most definitely a carbowhore too! I went to a restaurant just to get their giant cranberry turkey sandwich today, but sadly they drenched their bread in butter then threw it onto a greasy grill so the bread was dripping in grease *sigh* i don’t like my carbs that way. I like them the way you had yours. In it’s pure breadly form.😛

    YUM. I don’t even eat beef, but your pictures are so well taken!!

  30. My fave sandwich? Would have to be my own egg, refried bean sandwiches! lol I really, really looove them. I also love anything at Panera.

  31. Every good sandwich needs cheese. They should just sell loaves of bread with cheese to being with😉 Although, I love the idea of the coleslaw ON the sandwich instead on on the side!

    I take way too many people for granted😦

  32. blessings on your finals sophia! i really appreciate the realizations you came to in this post. :)

    i couldnt begin to count the things ive taken for granted in my life. this fall we have had mulitiple home repair issues, but through it all my husband and i just look at eachother and thank God we even have a home to repair! a warm home at that. its pretty brrr up here in MN. one thing i wont take for granted is heat.

  33. I second that… I mean, don’t statistics say that we’re all getting lazier, stupider, fatter, etc.? Technology has really pampered us to the point of being super high-maintenance without even realizing it. 😦 Sadly, I freak out whenever my computer/iPod/internet/etc. isn’t working either… taking that for granted is the norm for me. :/

    Is it freaky that I didn’t know what pastrami was until those post? o_o Either way, it looks DELICIOUS. All that juicy meat, oh my~ I never cared much for the texture of rye bread, but I’ve always loved its flavor. Maybe I should give it another try! The best sandwich I’ve ever eaten was on Sunday. Turkey + cranberry-apple butter + soft, melted cranberry goat cheese (!!!) + bonito flakes + sesame seeds on whole wheat. Best. Sandwich. Eva. :]

  34. its so true. we do take a lot of things in life forgranted, dont we? We must really open our eyes to the “bigger picture”. the world. those who are less fortunate. We truely are pampered beyond belief. I too couldnt connect to the damn internet this morning, and was so angry that i couldnt check my email or facebook.
    how pathetic!

    best sandwhich I ever had… tomato and mayo on toast.

  35. Yummmm, that pastrami sandwich looks great! (Coming from someone who doesn’t like pastrami.)

    I’m torn about being too pampered/entitled/spoiled/whatever. Every generation thinks that the subsequent generation is going to the dogs, and while our society does take a lot for granted, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s making us all fat, lazy and stupid. After all, there are plenty of good things to say about the Internet and the instantaneous communication it allows us.

  36. See thing are looking up. ;-D It’s been a while since I’ve been to Langer’s. There’s also a sadnwich shop that’s really awesome in Santa Monica. Maybe we should hit it up sometime.

    I can definitely think of a couple of thing that I take for granted sometimes. It’s when I end up thinking about it that i feel a bit lousy. But I try to make up for it. The best sammie I’ve had so far was my recent creation of the Duckini. A duck panini. Sooo good.

  37. I sometimes take my husband for granted. I have a pretty amazing husband, and sometimes I forget to say thank you for all that he does for me.

  38. WOW! I have never seen a lunch that amazing. Just wow.

  39. What a sand witch!!:)

    I never had such sandwitches before. I hope I never have it ever:) as I am not used to eating junk foods. I like foods that are juicy, spicy,salty and crisp.

    A viczanicazian bun with a pepper filled bhel with chat and chutney, side dishes cachori and samosa, to drink a mirinda… that what makes the dishes super for me.

    You have a great time there eating varieties daily. Great !!

    Nice to read your teacher was impressed by your marks.

  40. There’s nothing wrong with having a whinge every now and then – it’s what makes us human. It would also make for a less interesting blog to read!

    That sammy looks divine – so many layers of pastrami! But yes, I’d be demanding some cheese in there too.

    And yes, cherries are in season here (it’s Summer!) and I am LOVING them.

  41. No worries Sophia:) The most imporatant thing is that you realize how lucky you are! There are so many people in this world who are completely ungrateful. Your struggles, both major (in the world of ED) and minor (aka wordpress whore) continually strengthen you and have ultimately made you an amazing person full of love and compassion.

    Best thing I’ve taken for granted – my health. I used to be fit as a fiddle so to speak, and at this point in my life I have never been weaker.

    Best sandwich I’ve ever had would have to be the classic pb & j. Call me crazy but your just don’t mess with that!

  42. I definitely know that I can sometimes complain about really stupid things, or be grumpy for a really small reason & take it out on the people around me, so I am trying hard to work on that!

    I love pastrami sandwiches too, but the best sandwich I can think of was turkey panini with smoked mozarella, carmelized onion and pesto!

  43. omg. this weather SUCKS! i used to live in seattle but this is CRAZY! hello sunshine? Where have you gone?! WHAT THE HELL!

    haaha could be karma! HAHAHA. =D

  44. Wow, I need to get me a pastrami sandwich like that, looks amazing.

    You raised some excellent points, there is just so much we take for granted that sometimes we need to be reminded.

  45. Uhhhh now you have got me craving some good Jewish deli meat! I might have to make my first trip to Katz’s without you. And I SO want that rye bread. I am a carb-whore right there with you.

    I think we all fall itno this habit of complaining about trivial things. It’s human nature, but as long as we take the time every once in a while to reflect on how lucky we are…it’s probably fine.

    My favorite sandwich – Thanksgiving sandwiches. With stuffing and turkey and cranberry sauce. Hands down awesome.

  46. Best sandwiches? The ones I ate in my first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I had horrific morning sickness and thick bread and cheese sammies with tons of Miracle Whip (things I NEVER eat non-pregnant!!!) were the only things that made me feel better!

  47. i think i’m with you, i take the little comforts for granted. i get really irritated over things like if my shower doesn’t heat up fast enough, or my dishwasher isn’t cleaning my dishes well! i’m so spoiled!

    i love sandwiches, but i don’t know if i can say the best one i ever had…hmmm

  48. So far I haven’t tasted any good sandwich yet, I am not that lucky when it come to sandwich, maybe I just don’t know how to choose the good one.

  49. Most importantly is that you got to turn that project in. That is awesome. As for the world we live in, pampered is true. It is a I want it now mentality and I want it my way.

  50. Thanks for this post, Sophia! I usually give God thanks for the people, food, and talents He’s blessed me with, but I always forget about our other luxuries (hot shower, instant entertainment, comfortable environment, etc.).

    The best sandwich I ever ate was from a local cafe. It had the most amazing turkey I’ve ever had, crusty herby bread, flavorful stone ground mustard, avocado, touch of mayo, and stuffed with my favorite veggies.

    By the way, I still need your address, Sophia:)

  51. Complaining about trivial things? Taking things for granted? Me? Yes, me… Unfortunately. Or, I think it’s more that I’m not thankful enough for what I do have. Thanks for the reminder…

    I haven’t had a hot pastrami sandwich in many years. The sandwiches look really good. Best sandwich ever? I honestly don’t know. But I know it would involve cheese… Yes, I’m very predictable….

    Good luck with your finals!:)

  52. Holy jeeeeze (not to sound blasphemous😉 ) that looks good! I actually think I saw Guy Fieri get this on Diners, Drive ins and Dives- so good choice! Anything Food Network, Zagat or James Beard approved is bound to be good.

    I love what you said about the arnold thins- seriously, I hardy ever eat sandwiches, let alone on a skimpy little 100 cal thin. When I’m gonna eat a sandwich, I’M GONNA EAT A SANDWICH. Hehe. Actually, I think I remember Guy saying they bake their bread in house? It is probable.

    As for taking for granted.. girl, I take my health for granted. Always wanting something more/not liking the way I am, I never realize how healthy I already am. :/ C’est la vie.

  53. I think we are all too damn pampered and it’s good to be reminded of that… sometimes.
    I love proper thick sandwiches with extra chunky thick slice bread, I hate poor excuses for sandwiches. If you ever come to London you have to try a place called Greg’s. They are everywhere and do these huge doorstop sandwiches which when I used to eat meat I enjoyed all the time.

  54. The best sandwich i have ever had was for sure this past monday at the flaming ice cube… a mediterannian panini with artichoke dip, spinach, tomatos and olives. OMG!

    I take my mom for granted, she does so much for me and I know that I should appreciate her more. Ive been working on it though:) She is the one person I know that I can always depend on!

  55. I think I take my parents for granted–they are always willing to do anything for me! I definitely say thank you all the time but I still feel like I almost don’t deserve it? My parents are the bombbb!

    Yummy looking sandwich and YAY for an email:)❤ jess

  56. AMEN SISTER. you said it all, and i completely agree.

  57. What I take for granted: my heater.

    No, but seriously. It’s freezing here now and I don’t want to imagine life without a heater.

    Best sandwich ever? Hmm – there are the sweet sandwiches and the salty ones. Sweet : nutella on white bread. Salty: roasted turkey and swiss cheese on soft, chewy pumpernickel. Om nom nom.

  58. I hear you girl! I mean my biggest problems are studying for exams given by my $40,000/year college, not having a boyfriend, and trying not to b/p on all the free food that is all over my campus! Thanks for the reality check. Sometimes I forget how ridiculous I am!! Ha. One thing I take for granted is the opportunities I have been given in my life. Being able to travel, go private schools, grow up in a nice SAFE town. Being able to take dance classes, yoga classes, see a chiropractor, do polo… All these great things that have helped shape who I am. The best sandwich I have ever had? Oh man… In Napels, Fl I had this turkey sandwich that was DIVINE! And what made it so good? the fresh delisious 9 grain bread it was on! yummm

  59. I absolutely agree with you. We are really so pampered these days, aren’t we? For myself, I often take my family for granted. I also tend to neglect the little things in life that make it so much easier… things like paper clips and books and cups. Imagine having no cups! We’d have to drink with our hands! Hehe…

  60. I was a bit stunned when I saw a pic of your hand holding the sandwich-the is one huge mutha of a sandwich Sophia!😮 And yes I have to agree cheese would perfect these😛

  61. I’m glad things have started to turn around! I definitely know what you mean– somtimes, things have to go wrong in order for us to appreciate it when they go right!

    So glad that you were able to turn in your history project. What a relief!

  62. That soup and sandwich looks like such a good low-key meal.
    And yes, American’s are very spoiled compared to other countries & sometimes I find myself taking advantage of it, but it’s really just a blessing and could be taken away at any time!

  63. My husband loves a good pastrami sandwich! Thanks for the tip for when we’re in the area. Have you seen that clip with comic Louis C.K. “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy” ? You can find it on YouTube and I wrote about it here: Goes right along with what you were saying in the beginning of your post!

  64. I totally want that pastrami, coleslaw and Russian dressing sandwich – RIGHT NOW!

    I am very appreciative for my family, friends and life. I try not to forget how lucky I am.

  65. great review of the sandwich place yum, I am so blessed number one is having Jasmine, best sandwich oh the baguettes in France

  66. Yum! Those sandwiches look amazing! Looks like a perfect place to go for a hearty comforting meal.

    As for your question…sometimes, I think I take the little things for granted– like the fact that I have a roof over my head…and maybe the fact that I have food in the house. There are so many others out there with less and I must remember how lucky I am. =)

  67. Loved reading this post!! I needed to hear all of what you had to say. Nice sandwich!! Also I liked your photos. Good job!

  68. Sophia, this will probably sound crazy to you, but I was actually thinking about how easy life is now too! The other day I was snacking on some sunflower seeds (the pre-hulled kind) and I was thinking how when people used to get hungry they had to go forage for their food! (Crazy, the things that a sunflower seed can make me think of, right?! LOL!) Anyway, I love this post! 😉

  69. great post. I agree too that life is a bit too easy. I hear what some people complain about and it makes me laugh. I try to remind myself too everyday, whenever I get cranky about something small..i just keep thinking that if is the worse thing to happen then Im pretty darn lucky. Makes ya think for sure. The sandwich on the other hand looks crazy good. I havent had a hot pastrami in forever. Looks great!! I absolutely love rye bread too! Have a great day girl!

  70. I want one of those sandwiches!!:-)

    I am giving away a pound of gingerbread coffee from a local coffee shop on my blog if you’re interested!!

  71. You are so right… we all do it, I think. It’s so easy to take things for granted when we’ve grown accustomed to them! But realizing that we take them for granted is a good step toward not doing that anymore…

  72. I was just talking today to someone about how I miss eating a really freaking good sandwich!! They are the best!

    I hope you are having a fab day love!

  73. 73 comments!? You are so loved in this blog world!! I totally agree–we have it way too good. Everything is so convenient and I often don’t know what to think. Should I feel fortunate? Guilty?

  74. Your parents preaching up to 14 hours per day and then fainting on their beds???:D That is sooooo cute and lovable (but definitely exhausting!) ~ I seriously gotta admire their passion and zeal for the work of God!

  75. aww cute post, the whole “I am not a sandwich thin girl” hehe… My favorite “sweet” sandwich would have to be yogi cranberry walnut flax seed break with maple almond butter, banana, mashed rasberries in the summer and a sprinkle of coconut and cinnamon! whew lol!
    happy holidays sofia!:)

  76. I had pastrami for the first time the other week and like you, I am completely and utterly in love with it! The only problem is that I can’t remember where I had it :((

    I think I’d rather being really upset about little things (that are easily overcome) than face the true battles that so many people face daily… It makes me more thankful for how “great” I have it!

  77. oohhhh my…the best sandwich??? i love anything w bread!! and it does look freaking marvellous- ly awesome!

    Here in KL, we get o’briens (urgh) subway (ok la…) and most restaurant serves really mediocre run of the mill sandwiches!

    Well, make my own is the best😉 with some tips frm your recipes!

    good luck to your exams!!
    One last one and yeahh..!!! we will see more of u online!!

  78. Woot woot.. you are back up and running… so clearing the cache, etc worked?

    Yippee…. man.. I am so craving a sandwich and pickles right now.. care to send one over that will survive an 18 hour flight?

  79. your choice sounds delicious. . .but seems like one of your foodie buddies is a bit boring. Didn’t this happen when you went to Newsroom too? Ordering the blandest possible find on the menu is hardly worth taking a picture of

  80. You are so funny! I’m always amazed by how stressed out I get in traffic. I think, really? Is it worth my blood pressure shooting up this high?:)

  81. cookbookapprentice

    OK, I need to go to this Langer’s place. Now!

  82. Great to hear that your problems are fixed. The sandwich looks insanely good!

  83. A good stress relief, excellent work.

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