I Have No Life

WordPress isn’t a bitch anymore!😀

Phew. What a scare. What a total nightmare. I feel like it’s been years since I’ve last blogged. In truth, it’s only been…3 days?! Huh? How can this be? Man…I really need to get a life.

As I stared into the Spinning Circle of Doom (Mac-users will know what I’m talking about), I was in a daze. I didn’t know what to do, and I was freaking bored. I couldn’t blog, nor could I read blogs. So I tried to recall back what I used to do when I had the whole night to myself.

I was never a party girl. Heck, I’ve never even been to a “real” party in the sense of booze and dancing. I’m a horrible, awkward dancer (all limbs and jutting bones), I hate alcochol, and loud music makes my head pound. Naturally, I stay away from parties.

I didn’t feel like preparing for my final exams. I’d already spent 2 hours that day preparing for them, and that is more studying than I’ve ever done in a day.

I briefly considered going out for a stroll, but it was freaking cold outside and I was already freezing in my little no-heat room.

I wondered if there was any good books to read, but my school library only stocks boring, dusty, research tomes.

I wanted to call my parents so we can talk about my favorite subject (ME), but they were in freaking China. Besides, the time difference between LA and the East coast probably meant they would have been deep in sleep anyway. Not that they would care if I woke them up. They’re always ready to talk about me. Always.

Anyway. Back to point: I just didn’t know how to entertain myself without blogging. So I looked across at my roommate, who was chuckling and giggling like a schoolgirl. Hey, she looked like she’s having fun! I snuck a look at what she was doing. She was viewing some Korean drama on the YouTube.

And then I remembered. I used to love watching TV shows and movies. So I signed my soul away to Netflix. And now, I’m hooked.

Freaking bad idea, Sophia. Getting obsessed with TV shows in the middle of freaking exam week?! Way to go.

Well…at least, I’ve re-discovered my appreciation for good screenwriting. For some reason, I’ve never really watched movies or TV shows without constantly wondering about all the writing that takes place behind all the scenes. It’s fascinating how these writers come up with all these interesting plots, realistic characters, and witty dialogues. I love the idea of how they play God…they create characters, they create settings, they determine their actions, speech, thoughts, and fate.

But thank you, God, for not being one of those screenwriters…Wouldn’t you hate for your life to be toyed around like those characters? At least I can trust my life in God’s hands, that He has a genuine purpose and definite plan in it. You can bet He won’t be throwing dramatic twists and turns into your life just out of whim or for entertainment’s sake.😉

Anyway. Looks like I’ve got yet another vice to tackle as a college student. What with the TV show-addiction and blogging-addiction, it’s a wonder I can get anything done. Oh, and I still don’t have a life.

I still make good food, though. In fact, sad to say, making creative and delicious meals may be the highlight of my day. At least, when I die, people can say, “She made interesting food.”

Enough rambling. I still have some leftover turkey left (and still edible, don’t worry), so I decided to use them for a totally unexpected dish. Check this out:

Twice-Baked Sweet Potato with Kimchi and Leftover Turkey

  • 1 huge-ass sweet potato
  • 1/3 cup chopped kimchi
  • carved leftover turkey, diced
  • 1/4 cup raisins
  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup Cabot Cheese Vintage cheddar, shredded
  • 1 stalk green onion, chopped

Bake the sweet potato in a 350 degree oven until cooked through, about 30-40 minutes. Slice the top and scoop out the flesh into a bowl.

Meanwhile, stir-fry the kimchi with the turkey:
IMG_1543 Once cooked through, toss in the raisins:
IMG_1544Then mix the kimchi-turkey mixture with the sweet potato flesh, cottage cheese, and half of the cheddar cheese:
IMG_1545 Scoop it back into the sweet potato shell, top with more cheese and green onions:
IMG_1546 Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes more until cheese is melted…
And there you have it! A twist on leftover turkey, a twist on the typical twice-baked potato, a twist on kimchi-usage. 
IMG_1549  I don’t know why you don’t see this combination more often, but raisins somehow go so perfectly well with kimchi. It’s just that combination of sour-spicy and sweet-tartness that blends amazingly into a symphony of flavors…
IMG_1554 I can wax poetics about the flavors, but I’ve got better things to do than compose poems about my lunch.
IMG_1552 I feel like I’m gonna be thanking Biz on every post…but thank you, Biz, once again, for the amazing cheese!
IMG_1555 You may wonder why I didn’t use any seasonings like salt, garlic, or pepper on this. Well, kimchi itself is seasoning enough. It’s got enough garlic to ward off a vampire. You don’t call us “Kimchi-breath” for nothing.
IMG_1557 But here’s a trick: Chocolate works wonders on bad breaths.🙂

But generally, I try to have kimchi on days when I have no social activities. Hm. Maybe this is why I have no life.

Question of the day: Besides blogging, what do you do to keep yourself entertained?

96 responses to “I Have No Life

  1. REally??? Chocolate works on bad breathS?>_< HAHAA!!!!

    I have a problem of compulsively checking my emails, blogs, FB, etc in my freetime…:P I usually have to stop myself and pry myself away from the laptop.

    Other than that, I read, play piano and spend time with God.

  2. OH MAN

    That recipe looks amazing!

    Work out
    Read a crap load of magazines


  3. Dear Sophia:

    Please come to Eastern Canada. We can bake yummy sweet potatoes and procrastinate together by giggling at TV shows.


  4. Those potatoes look soooo delicious! I keep myself entertained with Facebook or read a good book. I’m so bad at procrastinating🙂

  5. Awesome looking sweet potato!

    Other than blogging… my baby keeps me pretty busy, but that’s a given!

    I have an obsession with all things vintage and have been that way since high school! I think I was born in the wrong time😉 So in my spare time I’m scouring consignment and antique shops for decorating things! I’m a sucker for a good vintage find!

  6. Haha, I usually call it the beach ball of doom! Glad you’re back🙂

  7. I am waaaay to easily entertained by blogging and reading blogs. I like to read, watch trashy, and workout, but my computer is always near by.😉

  8. It scares me to think what I would do without technology for one day. Really, I start to hyproventilate when my internet takes a little longer to connect. Such a shame that this is what we have come to these days.

    I am trying to decide if I want to make stuffed sweet potatoes this week. I think you just made up my mind for me.😉

    Hope you have a great week and enjoy some good movies.😉

  9. ah sweet sweet relief! you really gave me such a scare with the WordPress dilemma🙂

    happy monday, doll!

  10. Besides blogging? Hmmm working out, watching bad reality shows like Bad girls club or Jersey Shore…and spending time with my family =)

    Hmmm I have no life too ha

  11. Yeah… blogging is addicting in every way! It’s good that you’re exploring what it is you like to do for fun. As you come back to life – sans ED – you start to explore interests. Hmmm… what do I like to do? And you try things out until you figure yourself out. It’s a great stage to be in. I don’t think this stage of recovery is reserved for ED-recoverers… I think it’s also just a life thing, a human thing… to always be figuring out what you’re truly interested in, how you like spending your time, etc.

  12. Television is my first and true addiction. In fact, I’m watching massive amounts of episodes of Bones with roomie as I read and comment LOL.
    It’s funny that you discussed how you were reminded of the writing involved in television and movies. I actually JUST wrote my personal statement for law school (first draft!) and I wrote about my love for words and how when I was in high school and college (basically pre ED) I would compulsively read transcripts of tv shows because the scripts themselves were the highlight of the shows for me.

    Anyway I’m done rambling. Enjoy your tv and avoiding finals,

    Nicole G

  13. I love your twice baked sweet tater! Such a great idea. Glad you found a way to keep yourself occupied while the blog was down. Besides blogging, I enjoy reading, journaling, watching tv and walking my dog🙂

  14. Your pictures BLOW – MY – MIND every time you post! Have you take photography courses? Are you a professional photographer?

    Besides blogging, I keep myself entertained by watching reality TV, going to movies, and hanging out with my friends🙂

  15. Covering a mish-mash of food with cheese is a great way to eat left overs.

    For some diversion, would you like to enter my first foodie giveaway? Check it out on my blog.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and good luck on the exams.

  16. Oh that stuffed sweet potato looks awesome! I love it (and that’ a pretty big potato yeah?) I have never tried to satuee Kimchi with turkey / or any other thing….that sounds like a great idea here since I couldn’t find some really spicy red peppers for my dish, haha.
    em…besides blog ( I only do it like 2 month) I enjoy going to zumba dancing and belling dancing class!! my favorite workout😀 or read some magazine and clip the recipes, make plans for the next week’s eats. or , watching Gossip girl. haha, even it is in Final week😀 or just day -dreaming!
    Hope you find your way of entertaining soon!

  17. i have no life either. i actually have a very full social calender but i would much rather be at home, eating, and reading blogs.🙂

  18. I’ve seen your recent tweeting about WordPress … I’m glad it’s working now!!🙂

    By the way … your twice baked sweet potato … YUM!

  19. This is one delicious-looking sweet ‘tater! Before blogging, I used to love knitting, sewing and reading. Huh! It’s been a losing battle to stay offline while I’m trying to study for finals and preparing for group projects and presentations. But I promised myself that once this semester is over, I’m going to read a ‘real’ book – NOT a textbook!

  20. Netflix IS amazing.🙂 I read a lot though, much more than I watch T.V. I haven’t in a while though because of all the studying I have to do. D:

  21. I love to read but seriously blogging is one of my favorite past times.

    Ugh I hate finals week! I am so sorry you have to go through it!

  22. I love being with my family! They definitely keep my entertained😉

    That twice baked sweet potato looks like heaven in tater’ form🙂
    I’m glad your wordpress is functioning again! ❤ jess

  23. ok so my sister really loves my mom’s twice baked potatoes. i do not. these twice baked sweet potatoes look like something i could really love. YUM!
    uh other than blogging i entertain myself with yoga & trashy television. i want to read but i don’t have a good book😦
    happy monday!

  24. Glad you got it up and running. At least tv/movie watching is not as bad of a habit as some I have seen people do to fill their time. I work and that keeps me busy. I have a few jobs and additional things I do with those jobs and I am working on a grad degree. I do not have free time for much, except hanging out around the island and seeing the sights here.

  25. Oh Sophia you know what I did this whole weekend? Watch Falala Lifetime and Hallmark channel ok! I am christmased out with xmas movies alreayd lol! When I am bored I read or recently started knitting again do I sound like a granny? I love your sweet potato dish!!!

  26. YAY for blogging againnnnnnn! when im not blogging or anything-im watching tv, hangin with friends, or schoooool work..whewww!

  27. I watch TV, read books, chat w/ my cousin online, annoy the pets.. haha but it is definitely a challenge when there aren’t blogs to read!

    I love your sweet potato twice baked – never seen anything like that!!

    What shows are you hooked on?!

  28. I am dying to try kimchi but I have no idea where to get it around here (!)

    I go insane when my internet falters😛 Blogging / reading blogs is so addicting, it takes up most of my free time. Other than that I tend to watch DVDs.. I collect series that I love (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Popular . . ) and re-watch them alot.

  29. DUDE@ this weather is CRAZY! i hate rain! no running outside. so i just rowed my little heart out!

    hahaha. writing on my arm..coz i like to! it’s like a tat but not permanent!


  30. I want that potato.

    Hmm, reading blogs is definitely the number one way I entertain myself. And I like Netfilx too. I just finished watching the Dexter series. So addictive.

  31. i watch terrible tv (vh1 reality shows and the like)
    i pretend to look for jobs
    i cook
    and ick, i clean, do yardwork, do laundry, all that boring grown up stuff
    oh and i shop. too much.

  32. gald wordpress is being kinder to you! ha i keep myself entertained via tv, friends, homework, etc.


  33. Kimchi has garlic?? I have to try this stuff. My goal for the year 2010 is to try Kimchi!!

    You have really put that cheese to good use. As I knew you would.

    I do things like read, workout, journal, photograph, hang out with Nick (does that count??) But I understand the feeling of loss without blogging!

  34. Chocolate works magic on just about anything bad…or good!

  35. Hmmm… can keep myself entertained for hours on end. The options for me are endless. I read quite a bit of articles, blogs of all kinds. Watch lots of movies (Netflix for 6 years!!!) Once in a while I’ll go watch a matinee at the theater. I can keep myself occupied with almost anything.

    I want some sweet potatoes right now.

  36. That potato looks FAB! I actually had some amazing Korean food Sunday night in one of the boroughs of NYC (Queens). 🙂

    How do I keep myself entertained? Oh, wow…I either go to the gym, do something fun with my boyfriend, snuggle with my dogs, decompress by watching TV, or read. 😀

  37. Now that is what I call a stuffed potato! And a beautiful one at that.

    Entertainment? Etsy surfing, blog reading, book reading (and forcing myself to do so sometimes) and other word-related activities🙂

  38. Any dish combining sweeet potato and raisins is a-go in my book. Glad WordPress decided to be nice; she’s been SUCH a B to me on multiple occasions.

  39. Oh my gosh that sweet potato-kimchi-turkey dish is brilliant. I have all three on hand as well, so sounds great (I always have cottage cheese and cheese as well)🙂

    Besides my essential human duties (sleep, eat, shower, etc.) I spend most of my time studying, in class/lab, commuting, at church, praying, working out, and blogging. I don’t like to party either, and I tend to spend lots of time at school >.< = nerd

  40. I’ve never heard of kimchi, but that baked potato looks awesome.
    Well, besides blogging, I watch tv-shows😀
    What can I say, I don’t have much of a free time, and when I do, I just want to relax as much as I can

  41. i go through phases where i will rent a ton of movies.. then phases of reading books.
    now im in a blog phase. haha. i love it🙂

  42. The real question is what doesn’t chocolate work for?
    Lately all my free time is consumed with catching up with shows on hulu, blogging, working out, and oh did I mention studying – yea been doing a lot of that hah!

  43. LOL!
    I’m so addicted to my blogging too! And I can literally go kkrraazzee without Internet connection!
    Life besides blogging??
    err.. gym/runs/EAT ;p / hhmmm.. i dont watch telly either.. my, i dont hv a life either!

    Plus i dont study! haha.but i do read trashy novels *wink*

  44. I love this post, I’m laughing out loud now in fact because it makes me happy, you’ve got such a great style of humour!

    Besides blogging? Writing, volunteering, reading, cooking, in the future: dancing!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  45. Oh, and watching tv;)

  46. balancejoyanddelicias

    just since last weekend, I’m playing with make up when I’m not blogging or reading blogs!😀 It’s a fun but expensive entertainment though.

  47. I should say same pinch as I was also not able to check blogs neither write for 2 weeks. Work and friends make it often difficult to write and read.

    I missed some of your articles but promise to make the the next time.

    As always the post was great and foody.🙂

    I imagine myself at your position when I read your blog. ha ha… I am an imaginative guy.😀

  48. Glad that WordPress resolved its issues! Here I thought only Blogger had issues. Haha, you’re so funny, Sophia! Well, consider Netflix a small diversion during exam period, and then go all out after exams are done. And the sweet potato, totally fabulous!

  49. Sooo glad you’re back, Sophia! Missed you so much! Oh, I sometimes also have withdrawal symptoms when I can’t use the computer. But I try to occupy myself with other things, like reading, playing the piano, or talking to my family. I just can’t not do anything. I wanna learn to rest more… Hehe…

  50. I think exam week is the PERFECT time to find the best forms of procrastination!! 😉

    I’m partial to crossword puzzles. But you know this.

  51. Hi there Sophia, It’s so nice to “see” you. I’m so sorry you’ve been having Spinning Circle of Doom problems. Yes, I’m a Mac girl:) Perhaps, all that TV is more stimulating than you think. Netflix is way cool but I like it for old time movies. They are filled with screen writing innuendoes that absolutely fascinate me!!! I do lots of other stuff besides blogging. Sometimes, I even play with clay LOL

    Your potatoes look so yummy I could devour one right now and it’s not even 9AM yet!!! Thanks for sharing…

  52. I love netflix! That’s basically what I do when I’m bored, which is most of the time. I watched an entire season of Dexter in one day last week. Now I’m hooked though, I recommend watching it!

  53. GLORIOUS sweet potato!! besides blogging, i tend to get really artsy and start all kinds of crazy projects! plus i loveeeeeeee snail mail!🙂

    happpy day miss burp n slurp!!!!

  54. Yum. Love the wealth of photos. Your comments on studying for finals crack me up. I used to lock myself away in the library for insane amounts of time.

  55. That sweet potato looks AMAZING!!!

    I also really appreciate good screenwriting. There’s not a whole lot of it, unfortunately.

  56. Wow for someone who HAD ed, you are an adventerous eater, I cant have my stuff touch, no way I could eat this, LOL! I am a housewife so I am busy as heck and barely have time to blog!

  57. So this is one of the funniest things ever: At least, when I die, people can say, “She made interesting food.”

    I want that posted on my tombstone.

    I love this sweet potato concoction. Delicious. As per usual. I was going through Sophia withdrawal by the way. So glad your computer is working again.

    My freshman year of college, I started watching 24 right before finals. Not a good plan because I was seriously addicted. I ended up watching eight hours straight of it (which actually made me feel physically ill because 24 is such a high-stress show!) just so that I wouldn’t procrastinate during finals week.

  58. Sophia, you crack me up! The sweet potato looks delicious like everything you make!!!!!

  59. wow, that baked potato is drool-worthy, for sure! delicious combo🙂 i know what you mean about netflix… it can be bad😉

  60. Wow, that looks fantastic! I LOVE sweet potatoes and cottage cheese! I will def have to try!

  61. blogging takes up a lot of my spare time too, and, not-so-spare time! it’s great to see you back, that’s a delicious dish!

  62. Ooooh my! That sweet potato looks scrumptious!

  63. Yay you’re back!! I’m glad that wordpress has decided to be nice to you again🙂

    Besides blogging, I love to just hang out with the roommates. That’s usually what I’m doing when I’m so behind on blog reading!

  64. Oh wow, Sophia, this is probably the best looking stuffed potato I’ve ever seen!!! I love all the goodies inside and the melted cheese on top…oh my, that’s pure bliss!

    I didn’t know that chocolate helps with bad breath! Another great reason to eat chocolate! 🙂

  65. Today I’m keeping myself busy by shoveling and then warming up inside then going back out to shovel because of this sad blizzard in Iowa, but normally I love to bake!
    Love your sweet potato concoction!

  66. Hahaha this reminds me of a few of my recent posts combined. I too have a TV/blogging addiction, where 2 days feels like a whole week?! Crazyness, but I love it. Also- I do believe the blogosphere has been a blessing from God- its just a matter of balancing it with the rest of my life.

    :)Great post.

  67. potatoes look awesome! Somtimes its good to take a step back and find new things to do! All about balancing. I do love movies too! I have a bunch of stuff backin up too, so when i have some free time I try to work on my scrapbooks (sounds lame but i have uber wedding pics to organize!) and holiday cards to get out. I try to craft in my free time=) I sit at a computer during the day so at night when i get home from work it feels good to make something. Have fun!!!

  68. Oh man I KNOW that spinning circle of doom! I HATE it! I also have gotten sucked into watching every episode of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I love it so much, but really, it’s sucking away at my free time haha!

  69. hahaha…this made me laugh. sometimes i have to take a step back and realize i do have other hobbies than blogging too – although they may not be as fun🙂

    i work out, read, work…gah, that isn’t exciting at all!

  70. Sophia, your baked potato creation looks divine! Your combination is so unique and creative. I’ll have to try it some time!

  71. Hello Sophia! I am a brand new blogger who has been following your blog faithfully for a while! Love your posts!

    I adore Korean dramas, reading non-chick lits, laughing with my friends, and playing.

    I am also from UCLA, but willing to compromise. =)

  72. Your sweet potato made my mouth water. Six times.

    Besides blogging (which I find highly addictive), I do lots of other stuff. Like read other people’s blogs.

  73. Mmm, my mom used to always make twice baked potatoes – never even thought of using sweets!

  74. What a fabulous creation with leftover turkey and sweet potatoes! Too bad I didn’t see it in time to put for my round-up post😦

  75. I loveeee getting hooked on tv shows where you just have to watch the next episode!

    ahhhh- but i can’t during finals😦

  76. Beautiful dish you have here. Look meltingly good.

  77. great spud and you make me smile

  78. Twice-Baked Sweet Potato with Kimchi AND RAISINS….how ingenious, I love it! I would skip the turkey but the flavor combos sound incredible. Welcome back after your WP glitchy stuff🙂

  79. hehe you made me giggle, you’re too cute!! it’s amazing what we find to entertain ourselves with and take more of our dwindling time, right? At the moment I’m trying trying trying to convince myself to go back to studying but there is just so much more interest in blogs at the moment, particularly yours!! 🙂 Good luck on your finals, I must make twice baked sweet taters now!

  80. OMG, I have the same problem. 😯 I’ve recently gotten interested in Asian TV series/movies again… and it’s really, really bad. It’s like an addiction. 😯 That sweet potato looks delicious beyond words. ‘Specially that cheese, oh my. 😉 Kimchi + raisins sounds wonderful—I’ll have to try that, and then my family will think I’m a bigger freak! Yay😀 Good luck on exams! And good excuse to eat more chocolate😉

  81. Blogging withdrawal? That’s too funny! Though, I can see how that happens. I get the shakes if I’m away from the keyboard too long, too. How scary/funny is that?

  82. Glad you got everything fixed! Blogging is such a huge part of my life/day, I cannot imagine being without it. I would feel naked lol! But sometimes when we are stripped of things we usually do, we can discover other things🙂

  83. do you know what happened to your WP?

    so yeah,I am also HOOKED to Netflix and my DVR but not since school, hahaha, can’t wait till this is over! =)

  84. I practice yoga! It’s such a great thing, even in front of a Netflix video, to sit on the floor and stretch a little🙂

  85. DiningAndDishing

    Yum, that sweet potato looks amazing!!! I am totally craving one now and it’s not even lunchtime yet :O)

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  86. I’m always amazed at how easily I can get sucked into new things. I’ve so far avoided the temptation of Netflix, but that may change. I am so glad your WordPress issues are fixed – missed you.

  87. Now there’s an awesome excuse to eat loads of chocolate🙂

    The sweet potato looks delicious.

    I was totally addicted to Korean soaps while on bedrest with my daughter. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but I read those subtitles feverishly!

  88. The sweet potato looks too delicious for words!

    To keep myself busy, I crochet, read or watch some tv.

  89. peanutbutterfingers

    i always wonder about the writers of t.v. shows too! i think it would have been so much fun to have been a writer for friends.🙂

  90. Netflix is my friend. I’ve addicted to watching tv series on dvd with no commercials! Spicy kimchi with leftover turkey sounds delicious.

  91. Wow great looking sweet potato! blogging can be quite addictive I know.

  92. Blogging (and Twitter, if I’m honest) are two of my favorite things about the internet. There are maybe a half million more reasons too!😛 Sweet potatoes are so versatile it’s incredible and this dish looks great!

  93. I love cabot cheese! I had some while I was in VT. I know it’s probably all mental, but it tasted better there than it does when I buy it here at the grocery store!! 😉

    Never thought about doing twice baked SWEET potatoes… great idea!🙂

  94. Your sweet potatoes are right up my alley! I’ve also been playing with them lately – yum🙂

  95. I really like the sound of using kimchi like this!

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