Wishing For Dreams Come True…

I hate sleep. There. I said it.

I don’t get people like my brother, who crawls into bed for a “sweet nap” whenever he’s bored. If I’m bored, I damn well wouldn’t be sleeping. Wait—that doesn’t matter, because I’m never bored. I always seem to have something to do.

And that’s precisely why I detest sleep. Because it is just a waste of time. 24 hours in a day is already not enough…so why would I want to be motionless with my eyes closed for hours when there are so many freaking things to do? But unfortunately, God designed humans so that we need to take a rest for 7-8 hours a day. If anybody knows why He did that, please enlighten me. I would really like to know.

That said, I have been sleeping 8 full hours for consecutive days. It’s a miracle! I usually get only 5 hours a sleep. Strangely, that has not messed up my productivity time. I still got things done. I still manage to have time to slip in a movie at night, and perhaps some blogging. So what does this say? Perhaps I’ve been sacrificing sleep for nothing. I need to experiment on this more…

Part of the reason why I’ve been able to sleep so much is because I’ve been dreaming a lot. Strange, but good dreams:

Yesterday, I dreamed that one of my friends who is struggling with an eating disorder called me up asking me to eat a Wendy’s burger with her.

Another day, I dreamed that I got a 99% on my final essay for my writing class (what bullshit)

I also dreamed that I became best friends with a popular blogger (not telling who) and she taught me how to hip-hop dance.

Sigh. If only all these dreams were true…

But I suppose that’s precisely why they are called dreams. They are wistful wishes that come true without any effort from our part. You know, I’ve always been a dreamer…but what do I actually do to achieve them? For example…

I wish I was a better Christian…yet I don’t communicate with God, or read His words as much as I should…

I wish I had better grades…yet I skip classes all the time, and rarely do my readings…

I wish I had more time…yet I waste a lot of the time I already have doing frivolous stuff…

That’s it! Time to stop wishing and to start actually doing something about it! I only get dreams when I’m sleeping anyway…when I’m motionless! Time to get moving, time to take action!

But first, let’s fuel myself with some food

I have to admit, I’ve been extremely lazy these days, and I’ve been turning to the same stuff over and over, for the main reasons that 1) it’s fast and convenient2) it tastes good and is pretty nutritious; 3) I can get most of the ingredients from my school dining hall, which I now frequent daily like a kleptomaniac

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve had for several days now:

Spicy-PB Vegetable and Cottage Cheese “Mix-it-up” Bowl


Base Ingredients:

  • onions, diced
  • bell pepper, diced
  • mushrooms, diced
  • zucchini, chopped
  • tomatoes, diced
  • bean sprouts
  • kidney beans
  • spinach
  • Soul Food Seasoning (from Biz)

Dressing Ingredients:

  • 2 spoonfuls soy sauce
  • 2 spoonfuls peanut butter
  • 2 spoonfuls Habanero-Lime Salsa (from Christina)
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • pinch crushed red pepper flakes

Topping Ingredients:

  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 4 yukon gold potatoes
  • hot sauce

Okay, first the potatoes. I roasted them hasselback-style, by slicing numerous slits down the center of each potato, but not all the way through. And then I sprinkled them with this amazing seasoning:
IMG_1372 Biz, thank you SO much for this. I’m obsessed with this seasoning now. I practically sprinkle them on anything and everything!

And then roast the potatoes in 425 degree oven until cooked through:
IMG_1359 Nice and crunchy!

For the dressing ingredients, just mix everything together until smooth.

And the base ingredients: Mix everything together with plenty of that incredible Soul Food seasoning (or just salt and pepper if you don’t have it). Cook it with the dressing.

Ladle the cooked ingredients into a dish. Top with cottage cheese and potatoes. Sprinkle with hot sauce. That’s it!
IMG_1360 Now wasn’t that the easiest thing you’ve ever heard! Well, next to pouring cereal in a bowl, of course. But this is much better. It looks more impressive!
IMG_1362 Everything should be topped with something golden and crunchy…
IMG_1363 Wheee! Look at it do a back-bend! Potato doing yoga!
IMG_1364 Creamy, crunchy, spicy, peanut buttery…mmmm…
IMG_1366IMG_1371  Now, isn’t this the perfect college student’s meal?
But on to the perfect college student’s snack

I once said I hate bars. Okay, not just once. Several times, in fact. Well, I put my foot in my mouth, because I’ve decided that I do like bars. Love them, in fact. It just depends on what bars they are.

Perfect Foods Bar sent me two of each of the following bars:

  • Carob Chip
  • Peanut Butter
  • Fruits & Nuts
  • Cranberry Crunch (Lite)

Here’s what they say about their bars:

“Perfect Foods Bars are made from a delicious creamy blend of organic peanut butter and honey. The organic honey provides quick balanced energy and the added omega-3 “healthy fats” increase endurance. There’s also plenty of easy to digest, alkaline forming protein for immediate tissue repair. Enjoy this innovative approach to consuming over 30 different high nutrient foods not readily available in today’s fast pace society.”

Okay, peanut butter and honey. What’s not to love? Plus they’ve got 30 different high nutrient foods. But what about the taste?

IMG_0884 Well, all I can say is: I’m not sure if Perfect Foods Bar is the perfect food, but it is the perfect bar indeed. Oh Em Gi. So. Freaking. Good.
IMG_1080IMG_0878  They just completely melt in your mouth like fudge. I store them in the fridge, so when they enter my mouth it is cold and firm, but then slowly dissolves in my tongue…a delicious blend of pure peanut butter and intense honey…
IMG_0962 The only thing is that it isn’t mixed with all the artificial crap, so the taste is pretty strong, bold, and intense…not a bad thing at all, but you just don’t want to finish the whole bar in one sitting, or it does get rather cloying. 
IMG_0964 I think I’ve waxed enough poetry about Perfect Foods Bar. My conclusion is this: Larabar, bye bye. You guys really got to check this stuff out!

Another bar that I’ve really enjoyed was sent by my freaking sweet friend Natalie from Eating to Live Life After ED:
IMG_1286 They’re called Spring Hill gourmet bars, and they were amazing. Once again, I chilled them in the fridge first. And they’re incredibly crumbly, buttery, and exactly like a shortbread cookie.

Here’s the Wildberry & Nougat one:
IMG_1288 And the Chocolate & Oat one:
IMG_1289 And my personal favorite, the Muesli bar:
Sorry, I don’t know where to get them here in the States. Of course. All the good stuff has to be somewhere else! Sigh. Well, we can only dream that they’ll sell them in U.S. stores someday…

Speaking of dreams…Here’s today’s question of the day:

Had any good dreams lately? Is there a dream that you are actively going to pursue instead of wishing for it to come true?

96 responses to “Wishing For Dreams Come True…

  1. Those potatos, cut up like that are awesome! I love savory dishes like that.
    I can’t ever remember my dreams, but I do wish/day dream I would stop being a procratinator and get Iowa license plates after living here for almost 4 months!

  2. hahah cute taters. YAYAY someone else who can’t ever get a massage because they’re ticklish! i ‘m CRAZY ticklish.

    yeah, depends what day- i think i’m doing something friday midday to early afternoon. you sure you got time- aren’t finals coming up?! hahha. i’ll get back to you STAT when i ask moms what’s up.

  3. My, you’ve had an eclectic set of dreams lately! The last dream I remember is the one when my Mom randomly got pregnant. Yeah, she’s way too old for that to be possible anymore…makes me wonder what brought it on?

  4. There’s new studies that show our body needs sleep to actually problem solve and process stuff, giving a whole new meaning to “sleep on it.” We work through things in our subconscious that we are otherwise distracted from, or try to influence when we are awake.

    If you’ve been dreaming a lot lately, you might be having longer, lighter sleeping habits. I usually am a really deep sleeper and don’t have or remember dreams. If I sleep lightly or am disturbed a lot (sometimes J snores) I have wild dreams!

    Those potatoes are freaking AWESOME!!!!!! I don’t really like white potatoes, but I have just got to try that! I’ve never seen anything like that, they’re great!

    As weird as it sounds, I woke up early this morning and fell lightly back to sleep. In my dream I was composing a few essay questions I had due for school tonight over and over. Finally I realized I should take advantage of this brain power, got my butt up, and cranked out two essay questions in 30 minutes!!! I wish that would happen more often, because it was great!

    One thing recently that hit me is that life doesn’t have a pause button. I have goals and dreams I want to pursue, but I always thought I’d get to them in the future. That’s why I applied for school this summer and am now actively pursueing the career I want. I realized it’s not going to fall in my lap, I need to chase it down and hunt it to make it mine!

  5. hehe…these hassleback potatoes are definitely look better than mine. Good combo😀

  6. I love sleep. I could snuggle up in bed all day if I could. lol. I’ve been dreaming quite a bit lately, too. But I can never seem to remember details when I wake up. I did dream one that I was being attacked by a large humbold squid. It was a weird dream. Don’t know what that meant.

  7. I love your yoga potatoes!🙂 They are SO gorgeous and look so perfectly crispy and delicious!

    Ah, I too have longed to be able to go without sleep… When I was in college I slept 2 hours a night, max! Now I love getting a good night’s sleep – I think I just used up my quota of pulling all-nighters! :-p

    I’ve been dreaming about writing a cookbook for years… Maybe it’s time to start working on the dream!🙂

  8. i have dreams all the time where i am SO MAD at my fiance and I wake up pissed off.
    it leaves him very confused.

  9. ohhh! we hv many things in common then!

    I find sleep a waste of time too!
    I sleep at 11pm and wake up at 4am to read blogs! LOL. then surfing away..
    then start fixing brekkie…

    then 7am to the gym or go runnin (tho nowadays i’m gettin really lazy!)

    Then its off to work!

    yeahh.. lots!😉

    I’m movin to my new room (rented) , and its way neare to my workplc. Also I will hv the kitchen to myself!
    No prize for guessing wht i will be churning out! ;p

    Bake bake bake! Cook cook cook!

    I cant wait!

    I can see that u lovveee PB! I been eatin PB from the bottle these days!
    Will try bake a PB loaf soon ;p

    As for bars, here in Msia their range kinda sucks and its really expensive!
    Even more costly for those imported ones!
    However, i saw during on the food fair in KL that u can make your own!
    cool eh? Maybe i’ll google and try doing that! Oh..all that after i move into my new plc!!


  10. omg!!!:D Your back-bend yoga potatoes look sooooo awesome. (I am a big fan of chips) My mouth was watering just looking at the pictures… especially the last one with everything in the bowl….yum, yum…where do u get ideas like that!?? @_@

    Actually, talking bout sleep… I am a little different… I am most reluctant to go to sleep at night, and MOST reluctant to wake up in the mornings…

  11. I think I’m not getting enough sleep because of my uni, I don’t have time, so I’m tired all the time. And I often have some awful dreams, which are pretty strange and I hate them. Sigh. But a cup of warm milk and a slice of home made bread before bed makes sleeping actually great🙂

  12. I’m going crazy! I still can’t seem to find those Sprinhill bars. What’s worse is that I’m in Singapore which makes it so close yet so far…

  13. thanks SO much for the blog roll advice..what would i do without you!! loved this post for a few reasons..

    1. i HATE sleep too..id rather be on the go or doing something..maybe that has something to do with the eating disorder..because i used to love it. however, i LOVE waking up

    2. dont get down on yourself for not being a “good enough christian”..we can never earn Gods love, it’s a gift we dont deserve and never, ever will..we will fall and stumble on this earth but it’s the worst it will be for us now..because heaven is 100% perfect..YOU are saved, as long as we keep striving towards the goal of being Christ like and obeying Him, thats all we can do..dont let satan discourage you!

  14. GAH. I was drooling as I scrolled down through your post. Sophia, totally get how you’re never bored..and how sleep just doesn’t fit in your busy busy schedule…I know with such exciting things and yummy food to occupy me, I’d be as awake as you:)

    I think you’re great just the way you are. Maybe I’m in no position to preach to you, but I do think that you are a wonderful role model to follow, when it comes to dedicating yourself to Christ. Go easy a little on yourself, sweetie.


  15. ok those bars look awesome! i am so incredibly jealouss
    & it’s great you are getting enough sleep.. i actually love sleeping! i want you to feel better about yourself🙂 you seem like usch a great person and i hate to hear you downn

    & that meal looks amazingly good!!


  16. i havent had any dreams lately. which is weird. I have a lot of wishes… wishes that i shall accomplish.. or strive to accomplish. because why not race to your goals?
    actually I had one dream the other night about makeup.. i was at work… but i think it was more so my day in repeat as I slept…

    your meal looks so delicious, sophia! yum!!

  17. While my daughter is such a Type A personality, she loves her naps!😀

    So glad you love the soul food seasoning!! It’s actually .99 cents at my dollar store – just send me the word and I can send more – stat!

  18. Man, I used to have the weirdest dreams ever. And they were always, always nightmares. Ugh😦 Nowadays, I can’t even remember my dreams, but I know they’re super random. I don’t “like” sleep necessarily (and I definitely don’t get enough!), but I’m a pretty deep sleeper. A little deep sleep > lots of light sleep, I believe. I slept through an ambulance that came to my house once. O_o ‘Twas just a tad embarrassing…

    Oh~ lovely potato fans! We just bought this gigantic load of potatoes from Costco. You’re giving me ideas😉 I’ll buy a Perfect Food bar if I ever find it, lol.

  19. I hate falling asleep because I always want it to hurry up and be morning so I can start the next day! I get so excited for the next day! At the same time, I dream vivid symbolic dreams on a regular basis, and I love them. That’s the reason I do love sleep. I just ADORE dreaming! How cool is it?! I mean, we get to lie down, close our eyes, and watch a movie created by our very own subconscious!

  20. great eats! love the mix it up bowl!! cottage cheese = heaven. i wish i could relate – but i love sleep! its one of my favorite things to do! lol.

    i haven’t had any good dreams though lately…
    hopefully soon!
    lots of love,

  21. I dont like sleep either. Well actually I love it and thats what makes me not like it (I dont make sense) I am with you on the not wanting to waste time. I wish my body could run on only 2 or 3 hours of sleep so i could be a lot more productive.

    Your bowl looks amazing girl. Have a great day!

  22. balancejoyanddelicias

    I used to think that sleep is a waste of time, but as I’m getting old, I need and enjoy sleep now, without 7-8 hours a day, i feel not functioning well (that happened this last week pretty often). I don’t usually dream or remember dreaming, but last night I dream with a child friend and it was nice! I’m glad I”m going to see her soon!🙂

  23. I feel the same way about sleep – it wastes my time!!

  24. I love sleeping! Not a waste at all: relax, ‘fuel my body’, think about unrealistic things (like you! loved your dream about the hip hop dancing with the blogger)…mmm

    I make hasselback potatoes often too, love them! Nigella L. gave me the idea and had the best advice: put them in a spoon before cutting. That way you can’t cut them all through:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  25. Those potatoes look awesome!! I’ve never roasted them that way before. I keep all my bars in the fridge for the same reason, makes them kinda fudgy🙂

    I don’t really know what my dream is, but I feel like I’m finally on the path to it. Baby steps🙂

  26. Sophia, that yoga-ing potato looks just elegant! Too beautiful to eat!

  27. I have been having some rather odd dreams myself. Just the other night, I dreamt that Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point was bloggin on my couch. So weird……

    Don’t worry I dream of Bloggers too!! See, I guess we are all just so connected even in our dreams.😉

    Your bowl looks freaking amazing as always! We need to have a Bowl Cook Off (like Bobby Flay). You and I could do some serious creations if we put of minds together!😉

    Have an amazing day love!

  28. thanks for the comment! the bar looks lovely hehe… have a nice day girl!🙂

  29. Sleeping is my favorite thing to do… I didn’t use to think that way until i was sleep deprived w/ a newborn. Now… I cherish sleep🙂

  30. whoa! I love that PB veggie mix it up bowl! great presentation and I ‘m sure it take amazing!😀 I like the way you cut it, very interesting:-D

  31. I used to think of sleep the same way. It would drive me crazy when my roommates took naps in the middle of the day. How did they have time for that!? Now I see that everything I was doing wasn’t terribly important. I need to get my 7 hours a day or my body hates me.

  32. yay for bar reviews! I have never heard of these…they look great!!🙂

    and those are the prettiest potatoes I have ever seen atop the cottage cheese bowl! I love cottage cheese with ANYTHING so this recipe looks awesome!!

    I am SOO not a napper either!! I think I have taken 3 naps in my whole life and thats just if I had gotten very little sleep the night before it is not out of boredom. I would so much rather just get in bed early taht night rather than take a nap in the midle of the day!

  33. Why do your meals always look so artistic and mine so blah? I have lots of dreams…some superficial some not. One I’m working on is starting the next chapter of my life in a new city as soon as I graduate with my Masters in May. Working on it!

  34. I hate naps too! I think it might be a perfectionist quality that I always have to be doing something productive…
    However, sounds like you’ve been having good dreams, at least. Mine are SOOOO bizarre and most of the time make no sense whatsoever, haha.

  35. What a great post! And yes I agree with you about the thinking and not doing. I am extremely guilty of that…and then I mope and whine that ‘i wish i had that’ or ‘my life sucks’ – in order to get what we want, we have to work for it – it doesn’t just fall into our laps.

    In my Yoga training this weekend, one instructor said:

    “To know and not do is to not know”

    – (an old saying,or something like that!) – but you get the point…I can’t complain that I want a writing career and yet not start writing …although my blog is a BIG step for me (in expressing myself…)

  36. Hey Darling… hope you were able to get my e-mail, I had to change my domain and move my blog away from some bullies and blogzillas… here is my new addresss..

    As for your post, I love that you put yourself into each and everyone one of them. I do before I think… a lot… hence all my rants…

  37. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a lot of dreams about other guys lately!! IT’s weird. No one in particular, but just other men😦 Don’t tell Nick! haha

    Sophia, you NEED to read the book Slowing Down to the Speed of Life. It makes me sad that you are never bored, because I used to be like that, until I realized it’s a bad thing to never be bored. Now I look forward to being bored and I allow myself to relax. Please, read the book, seriously.

    Your veggies look awesome, and I’m CRACKING UP about that soul food spice! I bet it’s great.

  38. Good for you for getting sleep. I agree with you that there are soooo not enough hours in the day. Glad you are having good dreams. I don’t think I have had any recently. I think it is too cold in my house to sleep! Good thing I have an electric blanket. Oh, and I love that dish…that potato looks so cool!

  39. Thos Perfect Foods Bars look amazing.. thanks for that review!!! I also love your potatoes.. beautiful pictures!

  40. Haha “potato doing a backbend”!

    Eight hours of sleep is currently my dream… I’m lucky if I get six!

  41. I’m lucky if I get 6 hours of sleep per night. I hate naps too. I do like just sitting on my butt though.
    I’m dying to know who taught you to hip hop dance!

  42. Ahhh, sleep. I’m a lot like you though, there’s ALWAYS something to do–I’m never bored. I just don’t understand when my friends status’ are BORED or REALLY BORED. I’m just like: HOW?? I’ve got SO MUCH to do. I enjoy the time I do get to sleep🙂

    Great mix it up bowl! Those potatoes look delicious!❤ jess

  43. I am so intrigued by dreams — I’ve been having some crazy ones as of late as well. There must be something in the air😉

    those potatoes look phenomenal!

  44. Dude that “college student meal” has to be one of the best food porn pics I have seen on your page lol. I think my belly cried a little lol

    and hey I love naps! I am like an 80 year old woman lol

  45. awesome looking dish! I love your food photos. They always look so fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing those bars, Ive never heard of them before but they look pretty good. I’ll have to be on the lookout for them!

    Congrats on getting a full 8 hours sleep! It really does help your body out big time. Its not an easy thing to do to find all that time. So Keep on rockin girl! You are doing great=)

  46. Sleep is a very important part of life. Not more not less… but in balanced way.

  47. ooh, those perfect foods bars sound great! i’m jealous of your sleeping, sometimes i have issues getting enough…

  48. I love sleep. Not oversleep…but just enough to get 7-8 hours worth. Sleep is not a waste, it is restorative I think.🙂

  49. Yay for sleep! Sometimes I agree, that it is a waste to time, but I’m an early riser, and I usually thrive so much more with 7-8 hours. Preferably 8. Lol.

    OMG- you’re dreams made me laugh. I dream all the time too, and its so interesting how it reflects our thoughts, constant mindset, etc. Like for a while, allll I dreamt about was blogging/blogger meet ups. haha, I too have met “certain bloggers” in my dreams.🙂

  50. Love your mix-it-up bowl! The potatoes are so pretty.

    I love to sleep, but sometimes I feel guilty about it if there are things that need to get done.

  51. Wow that is my kind of mix up bowl! Love the taters! My dreams are epic, vivid and mostly horrible, I wish I would not dream )

  52. I could nap every day and that would be awesome!

    I love those Taters! I make some kind of potato thing every week and I have NEVER cut my potatoes like that. I bet it would be good even with the skin on!

    I’ll have to ask my sister where she got that seasoning from, or ask for it in my Christmas stocking!

  53. I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. I love it and crave it but at the same time I LOVE waking up in the morning. Because I love my breakfast/blogging routine. So I typically get around 6 hours of sleep plus a nap if i’m lucky on the weekdays and then 8-ish on the weekends. I haven’t been dreaming as much lately, which is weird because I’ve been known to have some vivid dreams.

    Your dreams sound awesome! I think you’re right though…enough with this wishing! It’s time to start DOING.

    This meal looks great. I can’t believe how well you’ve cut those potatoes. Hasselbacked heaven. I used to steal from my dining hall all the time. It’s not really stealing if you’re paying tuition. That was how I justified it.

    I’ve never thought to put bars in the fridge. Maybe they would taste so much better that way! The only bars I really like are Larabars but I will have to look for this other brand.

  54. Hip hop, huh? Sounds like fun! 😉

    Your Mix-It-Up Bowl is gorgeous! I love all the veggies and the sauce sounds so good (I love PB in savory sauces…so incredible!).

  55. when i take a nap most of the times headach hits on me which i rili hate! most of the times i try not to take though i get very tired!

  56. I had a dream that I had all this fudge–all different types and flavors–and I couldn’t get rid of it! More and more boxes kept appearing!

  57. what an insanely awesome breakfast!

  58. DiningAndDishing

    haha, i wish i hated sleep! i love it a little toooo much!! glad you are managing to get your rest in though. super important!! :O)

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  59. I love sleeping in, but I hate going to bed, if that makes any sense at all!

    You are such a talented photog and writer- your post is so pretty to read!

    My dreams are scattered and random in my sleep. My life dreams are still hazy, but I’m workin them out~

  60. I love sleep when I’m having good dreams, when I have bad dreams not so much.

  61. thats funny you hate sleep! i feel like all my friends look forward to their naps-of-the-day..i definitely don’t have time for those either, but relaxing is always nice🙂
    your potato looks AWESOME though..what a fun way to eat potatos!🙂

  62. I love sleep (maybe because I get far too little of it)…

    The potatoes look amazing. Beautiful pictures as always, Sophia!

  63. oh man i totally know what you mean about sleep, i have totally been letting it stress me out lately—ridiculous. awesome dreams though🙂 i never seem to remember mine…
    potato doing yoga, i laughed out loud, loveee it🙂
    & all those bars look delicious, jealous!

  64. Ooh, I like your fancy-cut potatoes in today’s Mix-it-up bowl!

  65. Sophia…you should know by now that nothing come without effort🙂
    Love the way that you prepared the potato…will definitely try it…the colors of the dish are very nice.

  66. I tend to have a lot dreams, vivid dreams, but sadly they are often negative. Still, I love sleep though. I definitely can relate to your brother. I guess I don’t see it as a waste of time because it helps me to recharge and distress.

  67. Those potatoes look so pretty! I hated bars until I tried a Glo-bar!

    I can’t believe you don’t like sleep!! I could never survive on 5 hours a night – never!

  68. That’s your idea of a lazy meal? Whoa, then I must be really lazy =P I love your mix it up bowls because it gives me new ideas for sauces and flavor combinations!

    I have dreams all the time, but they’re usually not that great. If I have a good one, which is pretty rare, I don’t want to wake up from it! I usually have those dreams where I’m running away from something. My mom says that means I’m growing, but I hope not, because I’m tall enough as it is!

  69. I used to get 2-4 hours of sleep per night because I did WAY too much in high school. Now I refuse to get less than 7-8 or I am a cranky biznatch. You never realize how great getting enough sleep is until you actually do. SO VITAL FOR LIFE. Seriously, sleep is amazing.

  70. I loooove sleep! I don’t do naps though . I can’t sleep when its light out. But at night. oh yeah.

    those potatoes are all sorts of gorgeous

  71. Wow those do sound like the perfect bars. Including the gourmet ones Natalie sent you. I read the word “nougat” and I was like O_O that sounds awesome!

    By the way, I love you cut up your potatoes!!


  72. i heart the perfect foods bar. i have only had the peanut butter but it was life changing. i cant find those around here yet, but i am determined i will find them somewhere!

    let’s see…i keep having this recurring dream that i show up at places without pants on…which i know sounds oodd but its like i am really embarrassed about it, and don’t know what to do. perhaps i should google that?

    love you girl!

  73. how about i do all your sleeping for you🙂 i could sleep for days! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those perfect food bars. the PB one? i die.

  74. I’m with you! Sleep, Smeep! I love the Sam Elliot line from the movie Road House, “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead. Of course, he did die in that movie. What a silly movie!

    I really want to make my potatoes just this way next time! Fabulous!!

  75. Slicing potatoes like that is a skill! There was once a dream that involved killer potatoes. That was scary. 🙂

  76. I have missed reading your blog so much. And your dishes are still just as drool worthy! Nice to hear about the new bars, they look awesome! I say go for those wishes you listed honey pot! You can do it!

    Me, I’m dreaming of the day that my long distance boyfriend is not long distance any more. Which hopefully will be in a couple of months. He’s the real reason I moved out of Baltimore. :p 7 years now we’ve known each other. I’m tired of waiting! lol.

  77. I hated sleeping too! But now, I kinda enjoy it, except when I get nightmares. Hehe… Some are real scary, but sometimes are really hilarious. I wake up laughing to myself when I get those out-of-the-world dreams. Hee… =P

  78. I had the funniest dream where I won the Australian version of The Apprentice! Although that didn’t make me motivated to try out for it!😛

  79. When Im anxious or worried I never seem to sleep a full 7 hours. When Im content with my life, Im like your brother..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sounds like you are content. Now I need to go slice my potatoes so they look as cute as yours!!!

  80. first, those potatoes look awesome! I just want a plate of those🙂

    Yes…there are tons of things I wish were different, but then I don’t do anything about them.

    Especially being closer to God, like you said. My life should not get in the way of that – my life is here because of Him and He should have more of it.

  81. the older i get, the less i remember my dreams, which is a shame because i loved spending the day reliving them! this is a killer dish, i’m going to make tatos like that for my hubby tonight!

  82. WOW that one is one gorgeous meal! Those potatoes, cottage cheese, everrrything, looks amazing.

    I can hardly remember my dreams. My roommates always tell me I laugh in my sleep…so I guess it’s something good?? Haha.

    I agree with you though. I don’t like sleeping much. Not even that I don’t like it, but I really can’t. My roommates can take naps all throughout the day, but I just can’t do it. I’d rather be out and doing things.

    And your wishes are all great. And I relate to so many of them!

  83. I don’t like potatoes, but those paired with that dip look delish! As do the bars from Natalie- YUM. Are you going home for Thanksgiving? Dude, I want to send you something😀

    Dreams… I am really trying to figure out what my dreams are. I am thinking of going back to school in January- something low-key and purely for interest and fun and I have absolutely NO idea what to do. I miss dancing a lot, but that’s out of the question so…hmmm…thinking writing.

    Agree 100% that sleep is a waste of time. Bah. Too much to do as it is!

  84. I’ve actually had some bad bad dreams lately…stemming out of anxiety i bet from wanting to go do dental school in Cali!!😦 I wish I were there already! I’d love to make it a goal to celebrate my next birthday with you! hahaha That would be SO DAMN awesome. May i request those amazing looking potatoes you made?? I would eat that over any bar, ANY day of my life.

    Sophia, you are so destined to be a food writer and food creator..probably a cook book author? I don’t know! Maybe someone like Mark Bittman, the NY Times food writer!

  85. I am always impressed with your exquisite plating. The taters look delicious!

    As for dreams, I think I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where I get little interrupted sleep. Perhaps I could borrow some of your sleepy mojo.

  86. A delicious bowl and the potatoes look so pretty! You remind me of a first “fight” my husband and I had and it was about sleep. He needs his 8-10 hours of sleep and I never used to sleep that much. Around the time when I met him, I probably slept at most 4 hours a night. Then, I went to full 8 for a few years. I’m now settled with 6 or 7🙂 I also used to get a lot of lucid dreams, not so much anymore.

  87. That looks pretty fantastic to me, I wouldn’t mind eating that every day! What a great idea for the taters, yummy! Oh how I wish I could get more sleep, usually it’s around 6-7 hrs, mostly 6. If I do get a bad nights sleep, it usually takes a few days before my body revolts and i feel like complete hell.
    I can’t ever remember my dreams! Usually if I do it’s about 1-2x per month. Is that weird??

  88. Sophia, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but I love your blog🙂 I’ve never followed one of your recipes from beginning to end but I LOVE them anyways because they give me ideas, open me up to new veggies, etc. So thank you!

    Also, I must say that I LOVE sleep! I’m often tired and even though I have trouble falling asleep (and staying asleep), I still love it🙂 For the 1 in every 100 sleeps that is wonderful!

  89. Yay for turning from words to deeds. And you’re crazy about sleep. I love it. Besides, how can you be bored when you’re sleeping?!

  90. You are not dreaming now, I am here commenting🙂

    The potatoes remind me of slinkies, you might be too young to know what that its, but you are old enough to know what good food to put into your body to get brain food. Do you really skip? Does your parents read this, he he

    xoxo momma cookappeal

  91. I kind of agree with you about sleep being a waste of time–I mean, think how much we could accomplish if we had an extra 6 or so hours in the day, eh? But I also know that I could never get anything done if my body wasn’t properly rested, so I am pretty dutiful about hitting the hay like an old lady🙂 I don’t mind the sleeping so much, but i do HATE to dream. There is nothing worse than having my blissful blank slate disrupted by some cockamamie fantasy. Call me cranky🙂

    P.S. I have never seen potatoes like that, and it’s genius! I will have to give that a shot. And with peanut butter? hmmmmm

  92. I love sleeping in because I just feel so much better afterwards! But, I agree, how nice would it be if we had those extra 8 hours a day to be productive?🙂

    Love those potatoes on top of your mix it up bowl – they just make the dish extra tasty🙂

  93. I have never been a nap taker either–I think sleep during the day is SUCH a waste of time. But when it comes night time, I need sleep or I cannot function the next day🙂

  94. I also hate sleep, naps and I hate resting! lol!

    I wish I had more time…yet I waste a lot of the time I already have doing frivolous stuff…

    ME TOO🙂

  95. I completely agree with you on sleeping. I hate that I have to sleep some hours. I wish a day was more than 24 hours, it’s definitely not enough! Or I wish I had a stonger body to be satisfied with a sleep of 3 or 4 hours.
    And I admire the shape of that potato picture especially the one doing yoga. So appealing!

  96. I hate sleep too – I think it goes back to when my mom wanted me to take a nap, and I felt deprived. Now I can appreciate she needed some time to herself, but then, I felt I was cheated out of fun!

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