All Thanks to Love, Friends, and Party-Poopers

Goodness! Just when I was planning a big depressive “Woe is me” party, you guys have to butt in with all these sweet and wonderful words. You just won’t let me wallow in peace, will you? Hee hee hee! But seriously, thank you, all of you, for your touching words of encouragement and comfort. They certainly lifted me out of my dark pit!

You know how sometimes, when you’re feeling really down…your masochistic side kicks in and you just feel like making yourself feel worse and worse? You replay every hurtful word in your mind, letting your tears flow and flow, curling up by yourself in the corner and basically just throwing a big dramatic self-pity fiesta.

Well, I was about to do that, but reading all of your comments made me realize that I would be one big fat hypocrite if I were to indulge to my pessimistic side. Haven’t I been professing about how important it is to stay positive in no matter what circumstances? At times like this, I’ll just have to pick myself up, dust my pants, and force myself to smile and look at the bright side.

Since the source of my little rant came from my parents, I decided to actively list out some of the signs of love and care they have showered upon me all these years:

  • When I was first born, my father didn’t sleep for days out of excitement, while my mother slept for days out of exhaustion
  • As a child, my dad always told me proudly that I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I was shocked to find out that wasn’t the truth a few years later, but realized that to my dad, it is the truth
  • When I was hospitalized for anorexia, and being a total bitch to everybody, my parents still came to see me several times each day, painting on goofy grins on their faces just to make me smile
  • When I checked myself out of the hospital, my parents supported my decision, while everyone else pointed fingers at them and called them “Stupid”, “irresponsible”, and any other negative adjective you can find under the sun
  • When I was at my lowest weight, my parents crept in each night while I was asleep, checking to see if I was still alive
  • The first time I ever saw my father break down into heart-breaking sobs was when he discovered me secretly trying to throw my food away…I will never ever forget that moment
  • When I called home after my second hospitalization in Northwestern, my mom cried the whole day, while my dad put on a brave front to comfort both her and me
  • When I fell and hurt myself several times because of lack of muscles, my parents freaked out even more than me. For months, my mom tenderly dressed and cleaned my wounds even though blood makes her squeamish

Okay. I can’t go on now. I’ve got tears running down my cheeks again, but it’s not because I’m feeling bad for myself or pissed off. It’s because I’m shaken to the core by my parents’ persistent and fierce love and support for me all throughout these years. From the moment I was born, to this day, they never failed to love me. They are humans, with human flaws and weaknesses, but their unconditional love for me? It’s superhuman. It’s…freaking amazing, for the lack of a better word.

My parents once told me that unless I am a parent myself, I will never understand the level and deepness of a parent’s love for the child. I guess they’re right. I can never fully understand, but I sure as heck am grateful and appreciative towards them.

Another person I am really grateful towards is one of my best friends, Joyce. Joyce is— well, honestly, someone completely different from me. She is sweet, gentle, patient, and kind, great characteristics that I do not possess. She is one of the friends whom I will be eternally thankful for, because even though we are so different, we connect in a level that is really spiritual and deep.

Even when I isolating myself like a bitter, cranky hermit, she still called me whenever she came back from college, and occasional sent me sweet and encouraging letters. Even when I looked inhumane and pitiful, she never once looked down on me, but treated me as her equal, her dearest friend.

Well, it was her birthday Sunday, and I decided to treat her to a good  lunch this afternoon. Her boyfriend Allen came along, because they’re rather inseparable and he’s cool enough to hang out with us😉.

I took her to Chef Geoff’s at Tysons:
DSC02571 Of course, the first thing I noticed was that there was good lighting. The interior decoration was sleek, simple, and sophisticated. I felt a bit out of place though, because I was dressed in jeans and flip-flops, while everybody else were dressed in business suits and touted Gucci purses.
DSC02572 Our waiter was a tall, blond guy who looked like he was a college student. He served us this amazing bread at once:
DSC02575 Warm, chewy black olive bread with roasted red pepper hummus! Oh wow, I usually don’t eat from the bread basket they serve, but this was quite good. Really intense and flavorful from the salty olives.

Joyce ordered a Pomegranate Lemonade to start:
DSC02573 This was non-alcoholic, but just a sip of it was like a jolt to the taste buds! Extremely puckish, in a good way, because that guaranteed that it was freshly-squeezed.

Everything on the menu looked good, so we took about half an hour to decide. The waiter was really nice about it though, and answered all our questions. I also had fun teaching my friends what mascarpone, prosciutto, queso, EVOO, and arugula was (Joyce thought it was cheese!).

Allen finally ordered one of the Pizza Pies:
DSC02577 Chicken, Queso Oaxaca, Smoked Corn Relish

Damn pretty!
DSC02578 The flavor combination was amazing, but the only problem was that there was too much juice or something, which made for a soggy crust. Well, if you close your eyes and dig in with a fork, it would be a very tasty casserole!

Joyce ordered the best dishes out of ours, the Day Boat Scallops:
DSC02576 Mushroom-asparagus risotto, truffle mascarpone, white balsamic reduction with seared scallops
DSC02579 Holy freaking yum! Hers was the most expensive, but certainly worth every single penny!
DSC02580 Really flavorful, and the rice had a nice texture to it, unlike the risotto I got at Brio’s on Monday.

I, unfortunately, ordered the worst dish ever, the Country Ham & Gruyere Melt:
DSC02581 On “baguette” with sweet onion relish, dijon, baby lettuces. It was supposed to be on a brioche bun, but because I don’t like soft airy rolls like brioche, I substituted the “baguette” instead. I put “baguette” in quotation marks because it was hardly the good, crusty French baguette. More like the imitation, holey baguette you buy in cheap grocery stores. GAH!!
And what the hell is with this sandwich? It was ALL bread and no filling. Which I didn’t miss much anyway because the ham was SO freaking salty to the point of nastiness.
DSC02584And where the hell is my sweet onion relish? More like a sliver of white onion chopped up. I was so disappointed, because one of the reasons I ordered this dish was in anticipation of the sweet onion relish it promised. 
DSC02582The baby lettuces turned out to be just salad drenched with some kind of sour dressing. If I had known it was salad, I would have asked for dressing on the side because I abhor salad dressings.

The waiter saw my disgruntled face and asked whether he could switch up the dish for me, but I decided to just choke it down because it was kind of my fault for messing with the dish, anyway. Also, I didn’t want to make a big fuss when we were celebrating Joyce’s birthday. I ended up eating the sandwich open-faced, and dipping the bread into the leftover hummus.

Ah, well. At least Joyce’s dish was stellar! She was the guest of honor, the birthday girl, after all, so I was happy that she really enjoyed her dish.🙂
DSC02585Despite my stupid bready sandwich, I’m back to a pretty chipper mood today. A positive perception, a little initial forced smile, and great friends will do that to you! (The above picture is JOYCE! Not me! I’m not that pretty!)

Another reason why I’m happy? I received my new camera which I ordered in ebay today!

A Canon Powershot SX-200 IS! Yahoo!
DSC02590 I was actually debating between a SD880 and a SD1200, but after reviewing several more reviews, I finally settled on this to replace my crappy Sony Cybershot T-5. I have yet to tinker around with it (the battery is recharging right now) but I hope I’ll be able to produce better pictures with this!

One day though…I dream of getting a proper DSLR…Gotta start saving my pennies and nickels from now on!😀

Question of the day: Do you have a close friend who is surprisingly different from you? How so?

77 responses to “All Thanks to Love, Friends, and Party-Poopers

  1. My three dearest friends (one is a cousin) and it’s funny b/c their names start in A, B, and C in order of how long I’ve known them are all LIKE me! Not exactly, but that deep, to the root of who you are, we are alike and I like that. We don’t have to say much to understand exactly what the other person means.

    I would have ordered Joyce’s dish. Yum yum yummy!!!!!! And I’m so sorry to see your sandwich be so horrible. You’re right – it’s all bread and little flecks of onion. How misrepresented!

    I’m glad you got the Canon powershot! Mine’s a different model, but I’m really pleased with it. I still have tons to learn about it too – there’s so many options and settings.

  2. Aww, that sounds like such a fun outing. BOO to the restaurant for messing up what could have been a delicious sandwich, but I’m glad you still managed to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

    Your list of things to rememeber about parents really touched me, and it does provide a reminder that no parents (or anyone) are perfect. No matter how much they care, or want to be informed, they won’t always say the right thing or know what we’re thinking. That’s why it’s so important we never forget all good things they have done, and the sacrifices they have made.

    Oh and your new camera is super snazzy looking.

    I at this point in my life have no friends who are exactly like me. I think that is a good thing, because as we get older, we develop and mature and I think that process should always be independent and unique. That’s why I like to be around people where I can learn about them individually. It’s also always great to have friends who are strong where you are weak. That’s something I hate about highschool, there are so many groups of people who are EXACTLY alike. The shop at the same stores, they style their hair the same way, they talk in the safe tone of voice, etc.

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing amazing!

    Much love,

  3. Love your post again! You make me want to cry:) Love you camera, I’m looking so I will keep that one in mind.
    As far as a friend/co-worker that I’ve gotten close to and told everything to this person. I’ve shared more that any other friend that is closer to me, but this person is very different from me because they aren’t religious and don’t believe in anything like I do, but I still tell them everything and find something good in it and hope to someday change them spiritually:) God works in great ways!

  4. *in the SAME tone

    I can’t type!

  5. awww. this really shows that indeed your parents mean well, just sometimes it isn’t shown in the best way for you!
    i’m so proud of you girl!

    The bread and hummus look AWESOME and that pomegranate lemonade looks TDF!

    grats on the new camera!

  6. Great post!!!
    I definitely have friends who are not like me. Most of my close friends are extroverted, and I am more introverted. I have a few “live for today” friends who seem to have no worries. We are mysteries to each other. I think it’s good to be around people who don’t think the same way though. I always assumed my way was “the” way. Not true!

  7. Awww, Sophia I’m so glad to hear that you realized all this! Sometimes writing down your thoughts really gets you to think deep inside your heart and see the truth. Good tip for myself, haha. Sometimes I’m like that with my parents too. When my mom is a little grouchy or my dad gets angry, I feel like having a pity party for myself. But when I realize that they’re human and have shown their love for me (when they’re in better moods XP) on many, many occasions, I feel so incredibly blessed!

    Joyce’s dish looks so lovely, but then again, I love anything with scallops! She is very pretty too🙂

    Yay for the new camera!!!

    My sister (who is my bff) is completely different from me. She is calm, has no temper, and is very patient. I often wonder why she’s so patient with Type-A me? Well I guess that’s what big sisters are supposed to do (but most don’t so I’m very blessed!) and she does it so well!

  8. Aww…now I want to cry too!! That’s a very touching post that shows just how much your parents care. My mom always tells me the same thing too…you’ll never know how I feel until you become a mom.

    Too bad about the sandwich! But the pizza looks AMAZING🙂

  9. You ARE going to make it, you are a smart girl and truly understand why your parents do what they do. (even if it is annoying as hell). Kudos to you!

  10. Your posts always seem to touch me in some way or another. Isn’t it crazy how much love parents have for their children? I never thought I would understand how nagging to “wear a helmet”, “eat your greens”, “don’t drive past dark”, “drink your milk” could equate to true love. However, even from having a boyfriend whom I love with all my heart, I can sort of understand the nagging/love relationship. Not only that, but I can understand how parents would still hold on to that love even if their children aren’t doing things they approve of. PArent’s are so great.

  11. The list of your parent’s sign of love and care is very very touching.

    Sorry that u had the worst dish amongst all. But it’s also true that it’s more important to enjoy a meal with the best buddy with you.

    The closest friend of mine is my lover. Very different from me. The lover is more on the science side, very logical, good at maths, very calm tempered, whereas I am more on the arts side. Very feeling+hunch-oriented.

  12. What a wonderful post; I love your honest. It’s really brave.

    I think most of my friends are really different from me! Sometimes I feel like I’m so much mature than my friends – not necessarily in a bad way….just in a way like, I need to watch out for everyone. I dunno, maybe that sounds dumb….anyway, sounds like you got yourself a WONDERFUL friend. Enjoy.

  13. Another great post! Thank you for sharing that with us =)…

    I am happy you guys had a great time and I’m sorry your sandwich was not that great…you know how I feel about that lol

    And btw you are just as pretty!!!!!!! Just so YOU know! =)

  14. Joyce’s dish? I would give a kidney…perfection.I get super cranky when I order something that sucks, as I feel like I “wasted” not only money, but the chance for a delicious meal!

    Anyway, your post was just what I needed today, as I was about to post a pity-post myself. However, you got me out of my own head, so thanks🙂.

    Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a close friend like that, due to a wee bit of isolation on my part (for obvious reasons you listed). And the relationship you have with your parents sounds amazing…you are truly blessed!

  15. That fact that you are able to realize and appreciate these aspects in your life is truly beautiful. These simple little reasons to feel loved and to be joyful are so freeing and you have every reason in the world to be so joyful.

    Aw, you are such a sweet friend to take your BF to a wonderful b-day lunch. I am sure she is so grateful for you and even though you say she gives you so much support, I am sure she feels the same way about you.

    Take care darling girl!

  16. I definitely have friends that are most certainly different than me! One of my best friends especially is different, and I love her to pieces🙂

    Sorry your sandwich was a FLOP!😦

    YAY for a new camera!!❤ jess

  17. balancejoyanddelicias

    so glad to know that you’re feeling better!😀
    I don’t have any friend that is completely different from me, but maybe Star is quite different and i love him because of that. He’s really good dealing with people, meeting new people, and I’m not good at that!

  18. lookingforserenity

    Parents really do love you, they just don’t always know the best way to show it! I’m happy you thought of the positives! Your dinner looks good- sorry it didn’t taste that way!😦

  19. Glad all the positive comments made you smile- you deserve to! What a fun meal out. The scallops look incredible. Bummer about the sammy!

    Hooray for your new camera!

  20. Joyce’s risotto looks like a proper one I was going to yell you n your other post that your risotto looked too brothy! After you commented on my post about the camera I got the same one! I’m not ready for an slr plus I liked the fact that the power shoot is much more portable. My photographer friend highly recommended it for my purposes and it should be arriving soon! So thank you!

  21. That pizza looks amazing!! I’m glad that you are feeling good🙂

  22. Day Boat Scallops looks amazing. Congrats on your new camera. Yay for more pretty pics

  23. Jeez Sophia, reading that list about your parents almost made me cry too!! My parents are the same way, stuck with me through everything. While I snap at them sometimes, I could never do anything truly mean or hurtful to them, they are my rocks!

    I’m usually “meh” about scallops, but quality ones cooked properly can be soooo good. Sucks about your sandwich, good thing hummus makes everything taste better😉

    My best friend is my opposite too. I’m tall, she’s short. I’m kinda shy, she’s super loud. I’m patient, she’s sooo impatient. I try to only say nice things, she’s straight up honest all the time. That’s why I love her though. I completely respect all those attributes that I don’t have!

  24. Those scallops look really tasty. Sorry about the sandwich. Bummer!

    What do you mean you’re not pretty?! You are and don’t you forget that.

    I have 3 best girl friends and 2 close guy friends. They’re the only one I really trust. We’re all different in so many ways. I’m the only one in the group in the entertainment industry. They’re either in the medical field or something else. We always have differing views of so many things, yet we support each other in any way.

  25. aww, that’s a lame sandwich. good bread is key!
    (i would know because I might have eaten half a loaf i made today. whoops!)

  26. oh it sounds like you have some GOOD GOOD people in your life. i loved your list! your friend joyce is adorable, sorry your dish didnt work out but nice job on having a positive attitude despite the crappy food. her scallops look amaaazing though. the red pep hummus also looks great. stellar camera! my best friend is my boyfriend and we are polar opposites. i am outgoing, social, hate tattoos, drink alcohol, love the great outdoors… he is the opposite of all that stuff i said. i guess opposites attact!

  27. Have fun with your new camera!! I find that friends who are different from me are the best kind of friends for me!! I need laid back, easy going, outgoing, and go with the flow type people to help me know when to relax…

  28. Reading the sweet things you said about your parents was so incredibly touching…you’re not the only one who was crying at the end of that list!

    Those scallops look like they’re cooked to perfection!

  29. lesouefsbrouilles

    this made me cry!! i think i imagined it all in korean which makes it more touching. i even know how hard it is for korean men to cry and it just shows how much your dad really loves and care about you.

  30. Gosh, you are so wise, Sophia. Your ability to see life and analyze it truly amaze s me!

    Congrats on the new camera. It looks like it takes awesome photos.

    My sister is my best friend and my complete opposite.🙂

  31. What a nice list you made about your parents…🙂 Yes, they do care and love you very much…

    I’m glad you got to have lunch with your friend. Sorry your sandwich was disappointing. I hate when I order something that I could have made WAY better myself…

    Yes, I have several friends who are quite different from me. Different personalities make life interesting, right?😉

  32. Don’t feel bad about venting. It’s natural to be frustrated with your family about misunderstandings. That doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for everything they’ve done for you. If you never had disagreements, you probably aren’t spending enough time together. I love how sweet you are with always talking about how grateful you are for your parents. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with occasionally getting upset about things.

  33. no problem…i hope you enjoy the oatcakes when you do decide to make them! i like your list by the way- i think its important to do that every once in awhile- its easy to lose sight of things! and thats awesome about your new camera🙂

  34. I hope that you never forget this list, and that you shared it with your parents. I literally got goose bumps when I read it. You’ve had your terrible struggles, but you’ve been blessed with some people who really, really, really love you.

    My best friend is my soul mate in many ways, but in actual personality, we are very different!

  35. I loved the piece in your story about your parents. They sound like really amazing parents and great people!🙂

  36. My close friend who is surprisingly different from me: my boyfriend:P

    Hehehe… While we agree on many things, love God and like many same things, we are total opposites in personalities sometimes:P

  37. Have fun with your new camera!😀
    My friends and I are very much alike. We all love food, chatting while having tea/coffee, boys, books, etc. And bec we all graduated with the same degree, we can talk about our careers as well w/o having to worry if the other understood a certain industry lingo. Hehe.
    Joyce sounds like a really great friend. She’s beautiful INSIDE and OUT!
    Yikes, the sammie doesn’t look so good. Bet you can make yourself a better version. Glad to know it was a fun time with your friends!

  38. Mmm your eats look so delicious!! And parents can definitely be annoying sometimes, but I have to keep telling myself that they’re here for a reason, and clearly your parents love you to death!❤ I'm so proud of you for allll the progress you've made.. keep it up girly!!!!

  39. It sounds like you have a lot of people in your life who really love you! That pizza is so pretty!

  40. I’m excited for the new camera !! I want one so bad!

  41. What an amazing, beautiful post…. 🙂

  42. Wow what a bullet list I was totally not expecting!! You’re parents are so amazing.

    We live really close to eachother–let’s get together sometime!!

    I have an SD600 that I’ve had for almost 3 years–I LOVE IT!!

  43. You will understand your parents love and devotion to you one day when you have a child of your own. I never really knew unconditional love until I gave birth.

    I am so glad you are out of your funk and feeling a bit better. Congrats on your camera – it looks AWESOME!

    Those scallops looked amazing!

  44. Years ago my mom’s made sure I was still breathing as I slept too😦 We are lucky to have parents who care about us like that!

  45. this post is simply wonderful and i can connect with it on such a great level. My parents are incredible, amazing people and while we do have our ups and downs, there are now two people who love me more. It’s so funny because my mom and dad say the exact same thing about not knowing the power of the love for a child until you have your own. I think that we are pretty damn lucky to have people in our lives who will love us unconditionally and be there to help hold our hands through the tough times.🙂

    Joyce sounds simply amazing and there is no question why you two are best friends…you are both simply wonderful people! Im so glad you were able to take her out for her birthday to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.🙂 So happy her dish was everything she hoped for and more! I wish I could say the same thing for you but we all live and learn, right?!

    Oh and yayyy for the new camera! So much fun!

  46. thats such a pity about the sammich but at least the birthday girl enjoyed hers!

    what a touching list of times when your parents have been a rock & supported you through the hardest moments. you obviously have a strong relationship with them❤

    btw, thankyou so much for your comment. i almost burst into tears.

    L. x

  47. Mmm pizza. Same about the sammich though, it breaks my heart to see a pitiful sammich. Glad the birthday girl had a non-dissapointing meal though🙂

    Always look on the rbight side eh? It’s nice to see such a long and touching list of amazing things your parents have done for you in your hardest times. Parents are, despite their occasional faults, the best people to have around when you’re struggling in the end.

    As for your question, I think many of my friends are nothing like me. I’m very sciency and analytical and bottle up my feeling whereas my closest friends are all very artsy and have no trouble expressing themselves and their emotions. Strange how opposites seem to attract.🙂

  48. You’re absolutely right, the things that our parents do for us, but we just can’t appreciate at the moment. My mum did tell me the same thing, that I’d have to be a mother myself to know how difficult it is (though she was angry when she said that, so I’m not sure she meant it the same way as you!) This is a really sweet post that reminds us that our parents really do love us and just want the best for us:) sorry about your sad sandwich, but then with your superior cooking skills, I’m sure you can easily remedy that by fixing a more delicious one for yourself!😀

  49. My favorite friends are the ones most different from me. My closest friend is horse obsessed and would be perfectly happy eating toasted English muffins for the rest of her life. Even with these differences we always are laughing at stupid things that life throws at us. Sorry your lunch was a disappointment. Figtreeapps

  50. what a great friend🙂 so nice of you to take her out for her birthday!! Her scallops do look amaaazing… and your sandwich… well, it looks like about what you described🙂 sorry! but hey, you’re right, at least the birthday girl had it good.

    As for your parents, they sound really lovely. But they’re apparently right, my best friend just had a baby and she keeps telling me that as soon as I have kids of my own, I’ll understand and appreciate my parents 100 times more than I ever could have before.

  51. Your family and friends sound amazing! You are really loved aren’t you which is wonderful😀

  52. vat a touching post!! family and friends are the most inportant in once life.. congrats on ye camera!! look beautiful.. Those scallops sound amazing!

  53. Cheers !! You have got an award for your lovely food blog. Pick it from my blog

  54. My parents tell me all the time that “Until you’re a parent you won’t understand _____” … it must be a “parent thing” to say! I suppose they’re right, though.

    Wow… if you’ve been taking such awesome pictures with a “crappy” camera, you are going to totally rock it with a Canon… they are the most incredible cameras ever!!

  55. great idea, making a list of the positive things that they’ve done for you. I’m glad you got to go out with Joyce – sorry about your sandwich though. that is never fun 😦

    yay for the new camera!

  56. Awesome post. It is a hard thing to see your parents as people who come with flaws but that will make you closer to them. As for being a parent, it is amazing how quickly you would do anything for your child within moments of ‘meeting’ him/her. I try not to be that mom who only talks about her kids, but I am so invested in them and I completely understand all the times my parents would be upset or worried. It is hard watching them become independant!

    Nice camera too! 🙂

  57. Ah, isn’t it amazing when you start counting your blessings how long that list gets.

    Sorry to hear that the meal at Chef Geoff’s was subpar, but it sounds like the company sure was not. Enjoy these last days of fun before you head off to college.

  58. The scallops look the best. Just delicious. You are lucky to have such wonderful parents!

  59. Mmmm yummy pizza! And you are so lucky, your momma and poppa love you very much!❤🙂

  60. All of us bloggies love you! Keep that chin up🙂 That black olive bread with hummus sounds AMAZING! never heard of that type of bread before but oh my goodness it looks so fresh and tasty. I do have a weird best friend … he’s my ex bf! lol.. the thing is we were friends a good year before we ever started going out. It’s just good having someone to talk to, who knows everything about you. Have a great Thurs girly!❤

  61. Wow, what a delicious food. And, congratulation on your new camera too.

  62. Oh my gosh, Sophia. I love, love, LOVED this post! You had me near tears, too, just reading about your parents’ strength and love for you. You are truly blessed to have such amazing people looking after you. =]

    As for the foodie, I’m sad that you didn’t enjoy your sammie very much. Although I have to say the rest of the dishes look really delish! Maybe that restaurant is worth another try, sometime?

    Anywho. I’m off to work. (Pleh, I know.) Luff ya, girlie! And I’m sorry that our San Fran meetup didn’t work out. Maybe sometime this fall/winter instead? USC is pretty close to Scripps!

  63. Oh I just love your attitude, this post was very sad to read but you always end on such a positive note! I admire you!

    All of my friends are pretty different from me actually!

  64. wow girl — i am in awe of your ability to translate you negative emotions in to positive energy — thank you for sharing that exercise with us! I think it’s really important to focus on the good we have in our lives rather than wallowing in the bad! way to go, love :)!

  65. I loved all those beautiful things you said about your parents. You are such a wonderful person with so many talents, strengths and skills. Thank you for being so ‘real’ and ‘open’ with us – it takes a brave soul!

  66. I wasn’t particularly lucky with my friends when I was younger. They were typically different from me but not just in personalities, we hardly had anything in common, so most friendships didn’t last.

    Those scallops look great! I haven’t been to this place yet. Actually, we haven’t been doing any dining in local places and the other day discovered that a bunch of the places we used to like now are closed but were pleased to find out about some new ones. We are going to be eating at Villa Mozart in Fairfax next Wednesday. Have you been there? I probably won’t blog about it as it is a dinner with my husband’s boss so no pictures😦

  67. You live in VA? I just moved out of Crystal City in Arlington! I wanted to try Chef Geoff’s before I left but never had the chance. Gorgeous post. You had me crying when you were writing about all of the things your parents did for you… and the part of your dad breaking down just killed me. They sound like such amazing parents, you are so lucky to have such a great support system. I know I have said this so many times, but I admire your ability to be so candid with your readers… it is a beautiful thing.

  68. so sorry the restaurant turned out blah, but I’m glad you had a great time with your friend. I understand that weight gain can be a battle, it will take time, at least a year or so. When I danced a lot many people thought I was too thin, but I couldn’t eat enough and I was growing and interested in healthier options. You’ll get it girl and you are doing so well🙂 You’re parents sound so wonderful, you are a lucky gal🙂

  69. I hate ordering the worst dish out of everyone when I go to dinner! Bleah! I have to tell you, sounds like you have such an amazing family that has always stood by you and supported you through everything. 🙂

  70. It sounds like your parents have really been there for you! And Joyce, too. Love doesn’t really let the hard times get in the way, does it?

    Scallops are the best. Mmmmmm.

  71. Aww that was so sweet of you to take your amigo out for her birthday! I love your new camera, it’s so pretty!

    I definitely have friends that are totally different from me because, as they say, opposites attract!

  72. I’m an introvert while my best friend is a def extrovert. She brings out my wild side and I love her for it! Without her I may have missed out on so many opportunities in high school. We live miles apart now (california and tennessee) due to college, but we always check on each other and visit for holidays.

  73. You little foodie explaining what everything is – that’s so cool! My Mom said the other day if it weren’t for me she wouldn’t know about any of the new food trends. Yay for the new camera! And the first part of your post was very sweet – the list – I need to do the same – make a list when I get frustrated or angry with my parents. It sure puts things in a different light.

  74. Ive heard good things about chef geoffs from so many people! The food looks great! Enjoy the new powershot, its an awesome camera!

  75. Sounds so fun, glad you’re feeling better! And yay for a new camera🙂

  76. Glad you’re back to feeling happier. It sounds like a lovely lunch with Joyce!

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