You know, there is something very particular about us humans: We’re never satisfied. As kids, there’s always a bigger, better toy. As teenagers, we want better grades, cooler gadgets, finer clothes. As adults, it gets even more complicated. We not only want better and more material possessions, but better jobs, relationships, lifestyles…well, you name it.

I’ve always used to feel like I have a hole inside of me. I was always striving for something, be it a good grade, or a thinner body, but each time I got to the goal I want, the temporary joy I achieved was short-lasting. Nothing seemed enough, nothing seemed to be able to fill up that emptiness in me.

Now, I’m starting to realize that true contentment doesn’t come from the outside. It starts from the inside. You know that inner peace that those weird meditating Zen people preach about? Well, I’m not sure if it comes from sitting in a Buddha-position and humming “ohmmm” for hours. But I can testify that it comes when you deeply discover the pure, unrefined love of God.

Right now, I feel like I’m relearning and rediscovering the intricate wonders and power of God’s amazing love. The fact that He so unconditionally and faithfully manifests His love to me through every single detail in my life, and every single creation in this world fascinates and moves me to tears. With the love of the Creator God, what more do I want? With the power and riches of the omnipotent God, what more do I need?

Suddenly, a lot of things I cared obsessively about just seems so trivial and meaningless now. I can honestly say that finally, I have found something that will fill up that hole inside of me permanently and eternally.

But when it comes to holes in pancakes…there’s also just one perfect item to fill them up. Can you guess? Why, it’s eggs, of course! Preferably one with a wobbly yolk!

After making that ratatouille from the last post, I still had half an eggplant left to use up. I decided to make pancakes, because obviously eggplants are best made into pancakes. Obviously. But with the addition of kabocha, obviously it’s just gonna get better. And with a runny egg in the middle of it, obviously it’s just gonna turn out perfect. Yes, obviously.

Egg in a Kabocha-Eggplant Pancake

  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/2 eggplant, diced
  • 1/2 large onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • Mexican chili powder
  • cumin powder
  • Tabasco chipotle pepper sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • about 1 cup kabocha puree
  • flour
  • cornmeal
  • 2 large eggs
  • grated Parmesan cheese

First heat up the oil in a pan. Toss in the eggplant and onion and garlic, sautee over medium heat until soft and mashable. Season with spice, Tabasco, and seasonings to taste.
DSC02517 Put the eggplant-onion mixture into a large bowl with the kabocha:
DSC02518 Mix and mash in 1 egg, and enough flour/cornmeal to make a mixture dry enough to form with hands.
DSC02520 Take about a cup worth of batter and flatten it out onto an greased frying pan. Make a hole in the middle and crack the other egg into it. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese:
DSC02523 Heat it up on top of a medium-heat stove until the bottom is set, then pop it into a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven until the egg white is opaque and cooked through. Serve immediately.
DSC02528 Now doesn’t that pancake look so happy and contented now? An egg is the perfect thing to fill up its emptiness indeed!
DSC02531 You can’t see it, but there were beautiful steam rising as I shot these pictures…enough to make my mouth water and my hands tremble!
DSC02529 Ooh…Gotta love Parmesan! Unfortunately I was a bit sparse with the cheese because I wasn’t sure how well it’d go with the pancake, but turns out it was absolutely perfect. Duh.
DSC02532 The flavor? Freaking amazing. Who knew kabocha and eggplant go so well together? But then, doesn’t kabocha go well with practically anything?
DSC02533 The spices were right on too! Sort of a Indian-ish flavor, but in the form of brunch!
DSC02534 The neat thing about having an egg with a runny yolk in the middle is that you just eat around it. Stab into a bit of the pancake, then dip into the yolk. Repeat, repeat, until all you’ve got left is the single golden yolk.
DSC02536 I had some batter left over, which I formed into smaller patties, and rolled in Parmesan.
DSC02521 Then I cooked it over a skillet.
DSC02522 They were nice, but I much preferred the baked version.
DSC02525 Oh, and what is life without a bit of sweetness in it?
DSC02538Yes, cupcakes! Specifically: Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting adorned with a single blueberry.. Recipe from the awesome cupcake cookbook that Heather of Girlichef awarded me from her Cupcake Giveaway!
DSC02540 I baked these for my youth group whom I was teaching Sunday school today, and they lapped them up!😀
DSC02541I myself put two of these cupcakes to test. One to see if it tasted good, and the other to make sure it really did taste just as good as the first one. Verdict: Both freaking good! And I should know, I double-checked😉 The best thing about these cupcakes were that they were slightly tart and full of real strawberries. Not cloyingly-sweet at all!
DSC02542I did a messy job with the frosting, but cupcakes are forgiving in that they still manage to stay photogenic! Oh, lovely little creatures!🙂 Thanks, Heather! This won’t be the last of the cupcakes I’ll be whipping up, I promise you!

Question of the Day: If you’re worried that I’ll be asking you something profound like “Do you feel empty inside” or “What fills you up”, you needn’t worry (Unless you really wanna talk about such things). Today’s question is easy-peasy. What is your favorite kind of pancakes?

105 responses to “Holes

  1. wow sophia! what a great egg creation. it puts the eggy-in-the-basket to shame. the cupcakes sounds riht up your ally, not overly sweet. i love that they have real strawberries in them. my favorite pancakes are whole wheat with lots of cinnamon in the batter.

  2. I am glad you are starting to realize that happiness doesnt come from external achievements. Those pancakes and cupcakes look absolutely amazing!!!

    my favorite pancakes… I love banana pancakes. They are simple but absolutely delicious!!!

  3. You are so funny. I wasn’t worried about that type of question at all! I completely know what you mean about having “holes” throughout my life. With the world changing so rapidly it’s like everyone always feels like they have to struggle to keep up the pace, ugh.

    My favorite pancakes are sweet, with peanut butter and chocolate chips🙂 However, your savory pancakes look FANTASTIC!! Thanks for the tantalizing pictures🙂

  4. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! We are never satisifed and I often feel the same way. I need to work on being content in the moment and not always looking for the next thing in life. In doing this, I often miss the most esstential aspects of the here and now.

    Okay, Kabocha pankcake? I think I am in love with your recipe!

    My favorite pancakes are my banana/pumpkin pancakes but seeing yours may just change my mind.

    Hope you had a great weekend love!

  5. Blueberry ricotta pancakes w/ lemon infused syrup!!!

  6. Very creative recipe! Looks great!!

    Fave pancakes=chocolate chip pancakes with powdered sugar on top, and maybe a little whipped cream! No syrup required.

  7. my favorite pancake – one thats hot and fresh! I saw a kabocha today and thought of you – isnt that funny!

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  9. Wow that recipe looks so good! I’m gonna have to put this on my “must try” list!

  10. What an awesome pancake!

  11. I love how you always relate life to food. Very creative! The egg in the hole looks super good. Great idea

  12. Your pancakes are SO creative and beautiful!

    My favorite pancakes are buckwheat, with Trader Joe’s cran-apple butter on top. SO GOOD!

  13. Wow, you are SUCH a good writer! Both your writing and cooking manifests in such a creative light:)
    My favorite pancakes would definitely be pumpkin chocolate-chip, a real treat! Yours sound delicious as well, I would never have thought to use eggplant in pancakes.

  14. What a great post! It’s so true… God can only feel those missing holes. We are designed and created by God to need HIM. So many people in this world try to fill that void with other things… it might work for a short time, but they will end up moving on to something else until they find God. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. This is so creepy (in a good way) because I just posted something so similar about always wanting “the other.” However, you said it much more eloquently and followed it up with some hard-core kick butt food porn.

    I haven’t had pancakes in forever, and when I did they were just “normal” or blueberry, so I’m going to have to put a big N/A on this question.

  16. Definitely my favorite kind of pancakes–my dark chocolate cherry pancakes! YUM!

    I love this post. You are such a talented writer and every post portrays taht. God fills those holes🙂 Heck yes!!❤ jess

  17. That egg in the hole pancake looks amazing!

    My favorite pancakes are pumpkin. Too bad they’re usually seasonal.

  18. I learned not obsess over material things early on. Thanks to my mom. Sometimes I feel my inner zen is one of the things that helps he to keep going. Don’t know if I could have survived as long as I did without it.

    As for pancakes, I love the old fashion buttermilk pancakes slathered with maple syrup, but I’m always willing to try any kind. I actually had some flapjacks this morning for brunch.

  19. This post was so inspiring. Thank you for making it known that it IS possible to fill the hole.

    My favorite pancakes… pumpkin pancakes. or banana nut from First Watch

  20. RYC: Yummy that sounds like an awesome smoothie!
    Pancake looks good🙂

  21. OMG! Everything looks amazing esp the cupcakes =)…when I want to behave I eat Fiberone Pancakes but when I am naughty, I heart chocolate chip Pancakes with extra syrup…

  22. Mmmm! fresh strawberry and cinnamon pancakes are my favorite ( sometimes I add choco chips) Yum that version of egg in the hole looks divine!

  23. I agree with you – I used to always feel that “grass is greener on the other side” feeling. Then, I realized that it followed me everywhere! The thing making me happy was not the place, the thing, etc. it was inside me and no matter where I went, that feeling would go too. I needed to fix THAT, and not the outside things. Great point, Sophia! Beautifully said, as always.🙂

    That pancake is so creative and beautiful. I never think to cook the way you do – it always looks so nice to whip yourself up this hearty meal for one with such great ingredients and layers.

    My favorite pancakes would probably depend on the mood. At home we’ve made blueberry and banana pancakes which satisfy a sweeter mood. Usually I enjoy a nice fluffy plain pancake and enjoy it w/ savory things like sausage and eggs. Out at restaurants I enjoy pumpkin occasionally. And, I once had a horribly failed attempt to make my own egg nog pancakes! I thought it’d be a good idea, but they were rubbery, dense, and chewy. Ick!

  24. Oh my goodness…you’re making me drool…and laugh all at once!!! Your “toad in the hoal” sounds and looks amazing. And hooray for cupcakes…they sound delicious!!🙂 The laughing comes from the fact that I’m totally one of those weird, zen meditators!! LOL😛

  25. Oh man, forgot to answer your question…mmmmm…blueberry or banana pancakes are my favorite. Or the cinnamon & sugar ones my oldest son has started making lately (!!!).

  26. I love your posts. When you first mentioned the idea of an egg in a hle I was thinking like in toast, and then when i saw the kabocha pancake i wondered how you could flip that. Such a cool idea to bake it! Ingenius!

    My favorite kind of pancake is anything grainy and hearty. I can’t understand why people don’t like whole grain products, while i do love a soft potato bread or challah nothig beats the grainy texture sometimes!

  27. what a great variation on egg in a hole! I love the Indian flavor in this! those cupcakes look delicious too – but too pretty to eat!

  28. What a wonderful message followed by an awesome recipe – its always a delightful 2 for 1 special here, you come away with so much more than you expect to find!

  29. I know I say this all the time, but you are SO creative!
    I love pancakes with berries (blueberries and raspberries) placed right in the cooking batter🙂 Yum. Oh, and banana/walnut🙂

  30. Talk about pretty food! I swear I’m here just to salivate at all the food(porn). Yum yum:)

  31. That wobbly yolk is like the icing on a cake. What a beautiful dish you made. I know I would be eating around it too🙂 Leave the best for the last (bite). And those cupcakes are too cute for words, lah! *wink*

  32. hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    this post made me so happy and just empowered. we had such a good message in church today and i was literally moved to tears to how great God is, and how FAR i still feel from Him because of what ED took from me. BUT i KNOW He is there and He is the one thing that will never abandon me. thanks for the reminder🙂

    i’ve never liked pancakes really, i was more of a french toast kinda gal. but choco chip pancakes if i had to choose would be my fav, with sliced nannnaaaa

  33. Pancakes: whole wheat, oat, pecan and blueberry pancakes. it’s one of those hearty varieties. dang good.

    God’s love: more expansive than we could know:

    Ephesians 3:18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how WIDE, how LONG, how HIGH and how DEEP his LOVE really IS.

  34. Your post describes exactly how I am–always searching for more. I’m still debating if that’s a good thing or not.

    On one hand, I’m rarely satisfied, but on the other hand, I feel like it encourages me to explore and do what makes me happy.

    The pancake looks great!

  35. You are SO creative girl! I’d have never thought to put that combo together but now that you have I totally see the genius in it!

  36. Well… I wouldn’t call those “pancakes,” I’d call them “latkes,” which essentially are pancakes… except that to me “pancakes” are the breakfast type of pancake. I did originally have a point, but I’ve since forgotten what it was. :p

  37. Oooh, that pancake looks amazing! My favorite kind of pancakes are chocolate chip…maybe that’s because I get to justify eating chocolate for breakfast! 😉

  38. I love the idea of savory pancakes!
    I made raspberry ones yesterday, and they were great. My favorite is anything whole grain with fruit and whipped cream on top! Yum!

  39. I just made blueberrie pancakes at the beach this morning. My favorite will always be chocolate and banana…Figtreeapps

  40. Haha, yeah, kabocha goes well with anything😉 Sweet, savory, veggie or fruit! That pancake sounds amazing, with the eggplant, cornmeal, kabocha, and egg additions. Pretty too!

    I have that never satisfied feeling often too, and have started turning to God during these times, and I love that inner peace that comes with it! I’m still working on my hole, but it’s disappearing quickly🙂

    My favorite pancakes are fluffy either buckwheat pancakes with a dab of maple syrup, bananas, and peanut butter or the kabocha pancakes I made a while back. Mmm!

  41. Your pancake looks delicious! It reminds me of okonomiyaki – we put an egg on top too.
    Where are you finding kabocha this time of year? Asian markets?

  42. I love your post intro, and the egg-in-the-hole pancakes are such a great idea! They look delicious. Your cupcakes are adorable, too. The strawberry cream cheese frosting sounds so decadent.

    I love oatmeal pancakes!

  43. I’m loving the pancakes I made last night!! You were right, I loved this post!!🙂

  44. I’m so glad that you were able to feel the hole permanently…

    Your pancakes look great! Did you add the egg for me?😉

    My favorite pancakes are kimchi pancakes.

  45. Well, you are brilliant! This egg pancake thingy is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! I love it!

    I have a few favorite pancakes. I like cornmeal, buckwheat, and potato.

  46. What a cool breakfast concoction!
    My fave pancake flavor is def banana–it’s my standard recipe. I love mixing in blueberries too.

  47. hi doll🙂

    i love this post soo much– its so true !! whenever we seek gratification from outside sources and physical aspects of the universe– we do get a temporary high but we are ultimately left feeling empty– i so agree that it comes from within– that youve got to find some sort of contentment and peace within yourself for lasting pleasure in life🙂 so well said!!!

    those cupcakes just look tooo yummy for words– and i think you did a fabulous job frosting them– after all– it all tastes the same🙂 hehe xoxoxo

  48. Gotta admit that I’m still working on being contented with myself. However, I am more than satisfied with pancakes: wholewheat, banana, oats, kabocha, carrots.
    Your pancake ain’t holey at all, it’s holy. Haha.

  49. I agree…God fills empty holes.🙂

    Love your eats once again. I wish I could have been there to help eat your egg in the hole. And those cupcakes are adorable.

    My fave kind of pancakes? Pumpkin!

  50. I used to feel the same way. Sort of like… nothing was ever good enough. Like I was just going through the actions of life and not really enjoying it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a phase.😀 But my favorite pancakes? Definitely chocolate-chocolate chip. Not original, I know, but delicious!

  51. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    How do you even come up with these things? You are so creative!

  52. you are damn cute! I love mushy eggs, love them!

  53. Oh that egg looks amazing – you are so creative girl.

    I love plain pancake batter with a bit of cinnamon and vanilla added to it. Simple and perfect.

  54. omg you are amazing in the kitchen. when you said ‘eggplant pancakes’ i was picturing you slicing up the eggplant and frying it in a pan. i def did not expect that entire batter you made! it looks amazing and incredibly delicious though. do you just make these recipes up yourself??
    fav pancake? ummm…. apple pancakes or chocolate chip😀 (back in the day when i ate them)

  55. Woah….y’all can make all this stuff!? Really cool foods Sophia!

  56. balancejoyanddelicias

    when you begin to search inside of yourself instead of outside goods, you’ll realize happiness is everywhere and so simple!🙂
    Awesome cupcakes…. you know me, i love pink!!! so these cupcakes are perfect for me!😀

  57. sophia this is just beyond impressive!!! i totally agree with you🙂 the cup cakes are sooo pretty adn m already craving!!

  58. Oooft your pancake look so tasty!
    I’m not sure what my favourite pancake is, it’s been so long since I had one! I used to like them with lemon though🙂

  59. Yum yum yummy!!! Thanks for the pics and recipes. My favourite pancakes are blueberry.

  60. This definitely resonated with me. I used to push myself ALL the time. But now I know what makes me happy (baking!) so I do that. I try not to compare myself with anyone else. That way, if I’m happy, I’m happy. No temptation to want something that I don’t really want. If that makes sense???

  61. Great post!! I definitely relate and agree!!

  62. I like the look of the egg in the hole. The cupcakes are very cute too.

  63. Its so important to find contentment in life. Of course its human to want more and better, but its a good exercize to consider all of the wonderful things God has given u s (ex: are we healthy, do we have loving parents…) it makes you appreciate things more.

  64. Sophia those look amazing! You always come up with really creative recipes! I love the egg in the hole!

    Have a great Monday!

  65. I like this recipe I have for oatmeal pancakes with cider sauce🙂 But I also love blueberry pancakes!

  66. Sophia, these babies look so moorish!
    My favourite pancake? It’s got to be English, plain, with a little lemon juice & sugar..it’s what we all eat on Pancake Day…

  67. BalanceisBeautiful

    where in the world do all of your great ideas come from?! those look soo coool & yummy!
    hmm my favorite pancake has got to be waffles, haha i’m not much of a pancake girl🙂
    happy monday🙂

  68. blueberry ricotta pancakes? but i doubt there’s a pancake i’d turn down😉

    you are SO creative! i need to try eggs on more random things… i’ve been meaning to do it on a pizza🙂

  69. Omg, you are so ridiculously creative. Those eggplant pancakes look SO GOOD!

  70. lovely, just everything here. the message, the runny eggs…everything.

  71. Oh such a nice post. The pancake looks great but I will head straight for the cupcake to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  72. Girl you need to start a restaurant–I think someone should look into starting a bloggie restaurant with all blog-inspired dishes, cuz yours are sooo dang good & original.

  73. what a great post– it’s true that humans in general are always looking for something “better”. I’m glad you’ve found contentment🙂 and whoaaa, those pancakes look awesome!! i’ve never tried kabocha, but it looks great! and those cupcakes are beautiful, love the color of the icing!

  74. Love your message at the beginning of the post. And the strawberry cupcakes sound so good! I have been craving strawberry ice cream.

    Favorite kind of pancake? German “pancakes” with applesauce, cinnamon, and a bit of powdered sugar on top.


  75. You always come up with the most original, thought provoking and tasty recipes. When is the cookbook coming out?

  76. Awesome creation Sophia! I just did a post about “egg in a hat” a few days ago on my blog…but your “egg in a hole” kind of blows it out of the water! LOL

  77. What creative pancakes! And the cupcakes are beautiful! You’re so talented in the kitchen.

  78. Egg in a hole in PANCAKES?! Now that’s just a fantastic idea. I love egg in a hole.

    My favorite kind of pancake is simple blueberry ones. Or banana ones. I’m all about the fruit😀

    Your cupcakes look delicious!

    And you are SO RIGHT that we’re never satisfied. Sighs.

  79. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Eggplant in a PANCAKE!!! That sounds HEAVENLY. After my first adventures cooking eggplant I knew it would be a good idea for a hash brown or something of the sort, so that looks FABULOUS🙂
    Favorite type of Pancake? Chocolate chip Pancakes from my favorite Diner. Seriously, it’s not obvious at ALL that I grew up in Jersey😛
    Have a fantastic Monday!❤ Jenn

  80. Oh wow sophia this looks utterly amazing. I love wobbly yolks, and then to be nested in eggplant, delicious!

  81. How creative!! I would never think to do something like that! My favorite pancake is definitely blueberry buckwheat pancakes or some type of cinnamony/french toasty dessert pancakes🙂

  82. yuuuuuum!!!! I llooooove egg dishes for breakfast. I just love big breakfast meals, especially on the weekends. It looks SO great!! Definitely want to try!!

  83. laurasworthlesswords

    Ohh I love how your so creative with your meals and food, its really nice to see what you can whip up each time!

    I guess as with the feeling of emptyness and always wanting more, its abit like they say, they grass is always greener on the other side.

    Hmm my favourite type of pancakes probably apple, especially when they are toasted and then you cut them open and all the hot gooey apple oozes out, oh yum!

  84. I am one of those weird meditating zen people! I am! I am!

    I do love your blog and where you are going…

  85. Sweet potato pancakes with peanut butter.

  86. Very creative…the pictures are just to tempting…I could almost taste it! I love kabocha…

  87. OK, I need to find me some kabocha. I’ve looked in three different stores now and nothing. But my friend who used to work on this farm told me that come Fall we should be seeing more at stores. I need to try it especially after seeing it in your recipes!

    My fave kind of pancake is an oatmeal pancake with pumpkin puree.

  88. Egg in the hole!! Those look so freaking yummy. Very creative and full of delish ingredients. I have never made an pancake out of those ingredients before, but gotta try.

  89. haha Nice segue between life and food! I was just hearing a friend say the same thing the other day: she’s never happy, the grass is always greener, etc.

    Well. I think I used to feel that way before I learned to love what is. Now the grass is quite green, right here🙂

  90. I love blueberry pancakes!🙂

    I make them whole wheat now or from scratch.

    …from this recipe

    which says waffle but I make them as pancakes!🙂

  91. Very creative! I cook my eggs the same way when I make some ratatouille for a light dinner.

  92. I wish I could make the time to read your blog everyday. Your posts are so good and so helpful!

  93. What an amazing pancake B&S..just loved this savory one..yummm..:)
    My fav till dateis the plain ricotta bluberry pancake..:)

  94. Okay, all your food made me really hungry–must go eat now:) I really love pancakes but can’t have them made with real flour. I CAN have coconut flour ones though and they are pretty tasty with blueberries in them.

  95. I love these pancakes. So un-traditional but so darn delicious!!! And the cupcakes are over the top delicious! I love all pancakes – but especially blueberry.

  96. I’ve had eggs in a hole with a toast but not with a pancake! What a fabulous idea! My favorite pancakes i think are blueberry but really I like all kinds!

  97. I love the runny egg in the center. And your cupcakes are beautiful as well!

  98. “The neat thing about having an egg with a runny yolk in the middle is that you just eat around it. Stab into a bit of the pancake, then dip into the yolk. Repeat, repeat, until all you’ve got left is the single golden yolk”
    I soooo agree!!!!

    My fav pancake? Oh sweet tooth me noramlly go for the sweet ones, even if its juz butter and jam…oh I still drool over it!

  99. I am a bit lacking in all things pancake (but that is easily fixed). I love love love cinnamon, so I am going to say cinnamon apple.

  100. So creative – I love it! I always enjoy eggplant and would definitely enjoy it for breakfast too🙂

  101. I like your segue into the food part of your post. Great job with the cooking and baking! Although I know there’s no cabbage in it, the pancakes look like okonomiyaki.

  102. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I have an award for you on my blog!

  103. Your writing is so beautiful. I think we all have some holes we need God to fill.
    My favorite pancake is pumpkin! And I’m ready for a small stack.🙂

  104. Wow! I think you pack more in a day than I do in a month! All sounds so yummy. I love the idea of not overly sweet cupcakes! Thinking of making some carrot ones today for my family’s homecoming. Pancakes? Only when fresh blueberries are in season!

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