Help Me. I’m a Poor College Student.

So…I’ve been thinking. About what will happen to my blog once I go to college (which is in less than 3 weeks…how time flies!). For awhile I considered temporarily closing down the blog, but Mari, Joanne, and Jen shot down the idea (thanks, guys).

And considering that there are so many bloggers out there who can juggle school, work, social life, and blogging, I have no excuse not to give it a try myself. Plus, I’ll be living in an on-campus apartment. I only have a partial meal plan, so I’ll have to cook for myself most of the time anyway. Also, by now I just cannot imagine life without blogging. Yes, I think I now define myself as a blogger.

But here’s the trouble:

  • I don’t want to be taking boring pictures of cereal and Subway sandwiches and froyo all the time
  • I’ll be having an teensy weensy kitchen, where I’m not even sure if I have an oven (oh PLEEEEAAAASEEE let there be one!)
  • My classes are packed together so meals can’t be elaborate (Example: On Friday, classes are from 8am-4pm…WTH?)
  • I can’t stock up on a lot of ingredients since I am cooking for one
  • The grocery stores near my school are crappy and if I want to get to a decent one I’ll have to hitch a ride
  • I’ll have a limited budget (living expenses in LA is crazy!)
  • I really don’t think I’ll have that much time to blog daily (Gotta get my A’s xp)

And here’s my solution:

  • In college, most of my recipes will be quick and easy and simple and cheap
  • I’ll befriend someone who has a car and suck up to her/him
  • I’ll be blogging less often, but at least 2-3 times a week (crosses fingers and toes)
  • George Foreman grill, the microwave, and the rice-cooker shall be my new buddies (I might even be on name-terms with them)
  • I might have to resort to (a-hem) borrowing some ingredients from the school dining hall
  • Stay tuned for reviews on some restaurants around downtown LA!
  • And maybe I’ll come up with some crazy creations using the food available in my dining hall

Hm. This will be quite a new adventure. I’m actually pretty excited to see how I’ll manage to come up with new recipes within these limitations. As for staying within my budget…That might just be my biggest weakness. In order to have good food…well, you’ve gotta have good ingredients. I might give up on a few luxuries just to eat well (and blog well). Ah, the sacrifices one must make as a foodie college student.

But here is my question to you: Do you have any tips/advices/suggestions for me? And what are you more willing to read from my blog? Recipes, reviews, or just my long-winded rambles?

Anyway, as a prelude to my simple life as a poor, stressed-out college student, here are two examples of meals I’ll most probably be having.

“Sushi” Roll-ups

  • 1 whole-wheat flatbread
  • 1/3 cup cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup cucumbers, diced
  • 1 tsp green tea powder
  • 1 packet toasted nori sheets
  • smoked salmon

First, mix together the cream cheese, cucumbers, and green tea powder:
DSC02461 Then spread it on top of the flatbread, lay down the nori sheets, layer the smoked salmon, and roll up. Cut.
DSC02463 Wow. Wasn’t that complicated?
DSC02462 Funny how they sort of…look like a gang. All riled up together, as if to say, “Wanna fight?”
DSC02465 PU-HAHAHA! This one looks like it’s sticking out its salmony-tongue! Cheeky fellow!
DSC02467 The nori I used was this:
DSC02469Green tea flavored, and toasted in olive oil. Goes with the green tea-cucumber cream cheese spread!
DSC02468 Best thing about roll-ups is that they are so portable!
Now, on to my next profound recipe:

Poached Egg Ciabatta

  • 1 ciabatta (from Costco)
  • 2 tablespoons Trader Joe’s red pepper-artichoke tapenade
  • basil leaves
  • kabocha puree
  • poached egg
  • Parmesan cheese
  • salt

Spread the tapenade onto the ciabatta, then microwave it for 3-5 seconds (makes it nice and warm and chewy). Layer the basil on one side, then spread the kabocha puree on the other side. Sprinkle with a bit of salt:
DSC02488 Gently set the poached egg on top of one side of the bread and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. DSC02489

My mom interfered by slipping a piece of avocado and grape tomato in there. In college, this will never happen. I apologize.
DSC02490 Stack it up:
DSC02491 Cut into it to let the yolk flow!
DSC02493 Messy, but oh-so-delicious. As I said, a poached egg makes everything taste better. And some extra cheese can’t hurt!
DSC02494 So, this is just a snapshot of what my recipes are gonna be like in college. Also, I’ll probably be continuing on with my “mix-it-up” bowl recipe series since the concept of that was for simple, fast, versatile meals anyway.

Question of the day: Well, you already know the questions, but in case you forgot…Do you have any tips/advices/suggestions for me? And what are you more willing to read from my blog? Recipes, reviews, or just my long-winded rambles?

Please discuss on the comment page! I’m sure many are in the same boat as me, so everybody can benefit!:-)

P.S. Check this post about why body fat doesn’t matter, and please be sure to contribute your input so I can see this guy’s reenactament!

111 responses to “Help Me. I’m a Poor College Student.

  1. I was thinking about that this morning too, coincidently, since I haven’t blogged + gone to school at the same time before. I might have a little more to juggle this quarter since I have a TA position as well >.< I’m thinking my posts will be shorter and less frequent? I am not much of a writer and it takes me FOREVER to write a paragraph, so maybe more photos in lieu of words for me (?).

    As for you😉 I love reading your thoughts (aka the “long—winded rambles”) and since you are such a talented writer, I don’t think it’ll take too much of your time. Recipes, reviews, and thoughts all sound good!

    LOL I can’t help but giggle at that mom-tomato-avocado comment.

    Also, Sophia, thank you so much for your sweet comment and prayers! It is way better to realize now than 10 years down the road.

  2. Love the “sushi”!

    It would be great to hear all about your college eats! (and ramblings) :) It will remind me of my college days.

    I don’t know if I have any good tips though…when I was in college I ate ALOT of easy mac & cous cous! Cous cous was really easy to microwave, throw in some pre-cooked chicken and you’re good to go.

  3. Oooh, what great food pics today!

    I think you have some GREAT solutions for your upcoming blogging “challenges”:) You’ll do just fine. Honestly, I just love reading your words! I don’t care if you eat a Sub sandwich every day for a week. You always have good things to say. And, trust me, you’ll get amazingly creative with food because you’ll have to. That’s what happened to me. I found weird things to do with leftovers because I didn’t want to waste them. It’ll be different, but different isn’t bad. It’s just different:) I’m excited for you and looking forward to what’s ahead for you!

  4. i’m willing to read anything you want to write about! just play it by ear. i’m sure you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of things to blog about!:)


  5. Glad you are sticking to it. I would love to still see your pics of food… it’s what every college student eats as well as your life as a college students. Reading about the new experience

  6. Living in a dorm is kind of like living in an RV. I’ve done both. :)

    When I ate in the cafeterias, I mixed ‘n matched foods from different “stations” to create my own dishes.

    Now I only have access to a microwave, smaller-than-normal fridge and possibly food processor. If I can still eat well and come up with fun dishes, so can you😉 don’t worry about it.

  7. You’ll get the hang of it! Maybe check out some college cookbooks –they usually have the less-equipped kitchen in mind, along with the fact that you’ll be cooking for one (so you’re not left with a million days worth of leftovers from just one recipe!).

  8. Girl, I will read anything and everything from you! I love the Egg Ciabatta, am making it next week!

  9. I love to read what you write so I am game for anything you throw our way. I am sure once you get into the groove of things you will find a blogging style that works for you!

    That sandwich looks awesome!

  10. Sophia… I love your food but I adore your WORDS, you are such an encouragement to me… Maybe you might not be able to come up with “sushi” roll ups in school but I still think you can blog and I’ll still be reading!

    Also I think your ideas are good AND there’s nothing wrong with creative shopping in the dining hall plus it would be a pretty cool to see what you can come up with limited resources.
    ❤ u grrrrrrl

  11. lookingforserenity

    NOOOOO!!! you must stay! I will not allow you to stop blogging! hahaha

  12. Don’t stress too much about the blog! College has a lot to offer so we’ll understand if you can’t blog as often.

    I think you’ll surprise yourself how much you can cook up with a microwave, George Foreman grill and 1 pan.

    My favorites go to dishes when busy were pastas. Basic, cheap pantry items, some sort of protein and fresh basil (if able) is all you need!

    Feel free to surf on over to my blog if you have any other Q’s! …oh and yes, I am guilty of borrowing various condiments and fruits from the dining hall:)

  13. Ok, I have many comments to make, so I will number them!

    1) Yes, you are more than welcome to ask me whatever nutrition question you would like, at any time.

    2) You are so talented I think you are getting too uptight about the whole blog thing. If you post every other day, or even 2 times a week, you’re blog would still rock this world. And would it really be that big of a deal?

    3) How neat would it be to see your journey through “college eating”. You can attempt the “college 5, or 10, or 15, or whatever!” and blog about it! Of course, you would do it in a healthy way, not beer and pizza every night.

    4) When I was in college my diet was crazy, but if I had been blogging about it, I think I would have been much more “normal” with my eating, and cared much more about it. So if you can blog two or three times about your food/life, it would help YOU and US (because we’d all enjoy it).

    5) HAve a good night!

  14. In college and now that I am living on my own, I was forced to plan out my meals ahead of time so that I only bought what I would use up that week. I would go to the supermarket’s website the night before a shopping trip and look at their sales for the week. Then I would plan meals around these ingredients. This definitely helped me save money! I also cooked 2-3 big meals a week and then ate leftovers. A lot.

    Also, definitely take advantage of the salad bar in your dining hall! They will probably have a good variety of veggies that you can then put into your mix-it-up bowls or souffle omelets. This will probably also be more cost-effective than buying each veggie separately. I also took some condiments from the dining hall. Mustard, ketchup, vinegar, olive/sesame oil…tuition is so high that they can afford for you to borrow it!

    As you may have noticed, I only blog about 3-4 times a week and really, I don’t know that I’d have enough to say or cook to blog daily! And I’ve decided that I’m okay with that😉. You will get into a routine and figure out what’s right for you. I love sandwiches and so I am excited to see all the simple things that you come up with.

  15. Anything you write is good, just take it easy and enjoy your college life^^.

  16. Cooking and college can be tricky to combine together. But if you stick to it and make simple recipes, you will be able to do it. Maybe cooking will become your way of relaxing after an horrible exam?

  17. I definitely found blogging in college can be challenging–I had to cut back to about 3 days a week last year–either way we’ll still love ya!

  18. Girl, even if you are eating Ramen Noodles every night, I will still read your blog every day! It’s not just your food that’s amazing…it’s you! And I love reading all of your beautiful insights and uplifting entries.

    Okay, that egg sammy beats anything I have ever seen. Such amazing flavors!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!:)

  19. When I was in college I stocked up on these cheap and healthy options:

    -whole grain cereals
    – PB&J ingredients
    -oatmeal packets
    -baked potatoes
    -cold cuts and whole wheat bread for sammies

    Hopefully your dining hall will offer lots of fruit and veggies. If not, COMPLAIN!

    Don’t eat alone. Make friends who will go to the dining hall together with you. It’s so much fun and the only time in your life you get to have that experience!!

    And keep on bloggin’! Love reading your posts!!

  20. Hey gurrrl! 😀 Just wanted to drop my two cents. 😉 On the “recipes, reviews, or rambles” thing, I have a few things to say. First, I think your recipes are always so adorable and creative! But the thing is…I don’t cook. Hehe. And I don’t buy my own food, either, so I guess the reviews don’t really apply to me. But all of that ASIDE, I absolutely LOVE your “rambles,” if you can even call them that! They’re what drew me to your blog in the first place. 😛 I absolutely adore how you always eloquently write out poignant lessons about recovery, life, and faith! Keep those up, I beg of you. :) You are such a creative and awesome person, though, so whatever you do will be AH-MAY-ZING!
    Stay yourself, girlie! B)

  21. hey girl!!

    no worries about the blog– just post WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want and everything will be great:) i wish you the best of luck girl!!

    that recipe looks GREAT!!!!!! so creative


  22. Nice job on the sushi roll-ups!!!!

    Definitely keep your blog going. Reviews recipes, whatever as long as you’re blogging. I’d be a shame to let this place gather dust. I don’t want that to happen. It wouldn’t be the same not reading about your journey and inspirational words. If I’m able to work and blog, you certainly can do it, too. You’ll be having so many new adventures now that you’ll be in a new place. You’ll be able to figure out a routine that suites you well.

    As for college advice…don’t sweat the small stuff. You do what you need to to accomplish your goal. I’m sure you’ll do great. When I went to college, I didn’t have any meal plans so everything was out of pocket. Though, I’ve been known to take several hot sauce packets and stuffing them into my bag. I’ve definitely raided the cafeteria of my school a good number of times. I took advantage to the farmer’s markets whenever I can. There’s tons of 99 cents store where you can buy cheap eats, also ethnic markets are abundant in LA so you’ll be able to buy authentic ingredients for cheap. LA is also a hodge podge for tons of ethnic cuisine. Also there’s Trader Joe’s. One of my fav markets. So you’ve definitely got your choices. hehe…I’ve got ramen and pasta recipes I’d be glad to share, too.

    Definitely hit me up when your around. It’d be cool to meet you.😉

  23. I loved the dorm room “recipes” my friends and I came up with. I bet you’d help a lot of students be creative with what they have on hand.

    My personal favorite was making waffle sandwiches in the cafeteria waffle maker. The cafeteria workers didn’t like that very much. :)

  24. you have a lot on your plate! (haha like my pun? :P) i think you will figure out a way to jive with it all, it seems overwhelming now but you will find a groove. i would love to see all of the same stuff you write about now, just perhaps on a smaller scale. i love your rambling AND your recipes, i cannot pick one:) xoxo oh and that oozy egg photo?! get outta here!!!

  25. That sushi is a brilliant idea! I’m really excited to see how your blog evolves as you head off to school!

  26. Both of these look so ooey-gooey and delicious! Lovely flavor combos. As for your blogging I would like to just have ‘you’ – whatever is on your mind, or going on in your life, your thoughts, incredible insights, and/or what your eating – even if it’s Subway. If you don’t blog every day that is totally understandable. I love ya! I would miss hearing from you – immensely.

  27. I will DEFINITELY keep reading your blog! I would love to see your creativity put to the test with fewer ingredients and appliances in your apartment. My freshman year, I took stuff from the dining hall all the time (my room mate and I even stole a whole loaf of bread once!). It’ll be interesting/fun to see what you come up with! Please, please don’t stop blogging!
    Love always,

  28. i think a lot of college-aged kids will get a lot out of your blog….but your education does come first. college is ALOT of work, and so is blogging! when i went to college, the internet was just starting – can’t even imagine!!!

  29. I’m also wondering about where I’m going to find time for blogging once the semester starts! Kind of dreading it a bit … but anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing how you manage it, because Mr. Microwave and I are quite good friends!!

  30. OMG you’re going to school in LA! I’m jealous!! I actually have been thinking about this topic a lot too since I start my semester at the end of August. My schedule isn’t as packed as yours but I will also be working part time. Since I started my blog in June, I’ve had all summer to work on it and comment on a million posts. I don’t know how I’m giong to juggle class, gym, schoolwork, cooking, and blogging but I’m not about to give anything up! Guess I’ll be waking up super early and planning daily schedules for myself. You should try to do the same!:-)

  31. I think people love your personality and whatever you blog about, I think we’ll all be hanging out here. Just have fun and see where the wind takes you!

  32. I’m more interested in reading about how you experience college / the college transition than I am about recipes and reviews. I LOVE reading your recipes and reviews now, but that’s now what keeps me coming back to your blog. If you only wrote recipes/reviews, I’d never read. Think of it that way:)

  33. So creative! look so yummy.

  34. Well you definitely cannot give up blogging! I was considering stopping as well once I start school and teaching but I couldn’t imagine! So I’ll probably do what you do and just do less frequent posting. Great “sushi” wrap btw:)

  35. Please don’t give up! I can’t wait to see what you create in your humble circumstances!

  36. Dear Sophia,
    I can understand your worries, it does seem like your budget/cooking space/time/reseources will be quite a bit more limited in university (OMG, really just three weeks away?!) but I think you’re resourceful and creative and I’m sure you’ll find a way to whip up delicious concoctions and share them with us. You know, come to think of it, this may even be better for the blog, since you’ll appeal to a much broader audience (ppl on a budget, ppl with wee kitchens, people without lots of time, students, etc) and I’m sure even more people will tune in to read about your creations.
    My advice would be to moderate your expectations in accordance to your new lifestle. I mean, don’t set yourself too rigid of a blogging-goals which may set you up for stress, frustration or dissapointment. I say, cook what you can, blog when you can. We’ll all love you and follow you just as intently:)

  37. I think that you have an insanely creative food mind. The combinations and flavors you come up with are so impressive! I think it’s going to be a whole new area for you to come up with tasty dorm food recipes that NObody else would think of!

    I just love you so darn much that I’d read anything you have time to write! Pictures, recipes, reviews, updates, rants, insights, etc. are all great in my eyes!:)

  38. Hey Girl! You not blogging is NOT an option…once again, it is NOT an option. Yes we all love to look at your food porn ((((drooling)))))) But your page is more than that, it is YOU…WE COME HERE FOR YOU. You can blog about boiling water and you know what, I will read it because I know you would have a fabulous story behind it.

    My best tip is buy what you need because when you live alone, you tend to repeat things since you usually have leftovers and this is coming from the girl who keeps eating burgers because she does not want to waste the 7 extra buns!

    (btw I replied back on my page)

  39. I go to school full-time and I own my own business (and work full time) and I’m a wife. You’re a woman, girlie. We come equipped with juggling abilities. You can handle anything and everything that comes your way!!!:)

  40. I love your blog and would read it no matter what you post! If it were me, I wouldn’t make any decisions now – I’d just take it day by day. When you start school, see how much time you’ll have and then go from there. And I loved grocery shopping for one when I was in college, you get to spend your money on only your favorite things!

  41. gosh I hope you eat a lot better than I did at uni…hehe..I didn’t have a kitchen but had a microwave…so it was a lot of ramen…hot pockets…and those dehydrated pasta/rice dishes where you just add water and zap it…if not I had the many restaurants on campus to choose from but it got boring after a while…but I’m sure with your creativity you’ll be able to come up with some great dishes! Hope you at least have a mini fridge cuz that goes a looong way:)

  42. OH the life of college discovery! I lived on cabbage soup in a crock pot, so sounds like you will have fun with this, and I cut back on my post with being busy in life and work, so people are glad to read what you shall give us to nibble on! Good luck and these two dishes sound and look great to me…

  43. LOL I bet your “gang” tasted tasty though! haha. I’ve been thinking about that lately too – how I’m going to blog during school. I started my blog in May, so the majority of my blogging experience has been during the summer. It’s going to be tough, but I think I’ll pull through it like you and stick to a couple times per week! I’m never going to have time to catch up and comment on everyone’s though!

  44. I totally understand–I’m a little worried about how much time I’ll have for blogging when I go back to school. But I’m just gonna see how it goes. Definitely keep posting, at least occasionally! I’d love to read anything you write.

    I love the look of those rollups! Delicious😀

  45. Those both mouthwatering creations! I always enjoy all your blog posts, so please keep blogging for sure even if it’s a few times a week. Of course, I will definitely be looking forward to the restaurant reviews:)

    So, they call the shake Awful Awful because it is so “Aweful” for you:) We didn’t even finish ours (and that’s the only thing we had for lunch) and we were so full we only ate appetizers for dinner.

  46. 1–I would read anything you wanted to put out there, food related or not.
    2–Your school isn’t out in the boonies, so I’m sure you’re still going to have a million times more resources than most people.
    3–Mentally, I don’t take you for a “normal” college student, in that you are wise beyond your years. You’re not going in only knowing how to make toast and abuse your body with crap. You’ll find a way to make it work.
    4–I eat the same foods all the time, which is why I don’t take pictures of my daily eats or blog every day. We love ya for you, not for your food porn:)

  47. Yay, I’m so glad you’ll still be blogging in college! Your sushi roll is such a clever idea, I’m definitely going to try that! And poached egg ciabatta? Wow…I’m drooling!

    I love all of your solutions on blogging in college! I’m willing to read anything you want to write (recipes, review, rambles, etc.). You mentioned that the cost of living is so high in L.A., I’d also be interested in reading about how you stick to a food budget there.

  48. Thanks for the mention Sophia!

  49. For me its not what foods you write about, its how you write about them. You could write and photogragh a buttered roll, and I know I would be laughing and holding on to every word. The 1st meal I cooked in college was kraft mac n cheese (UGG) in some cheap plug in device followed by broken up pieces of Twix bars with orange wedges. At the I thought I was ‘livin large.’ Now that Im hooked on reading about your burps and slurps you can’t go away..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Figtreeapps

  50. Thk God ya still going to be bloggin! How could u even think of stopping??? NO no no! ;p

    Oh, me living in KL alone too..and yeah, sometimes whn i stock up, the ingredients do get wasted cos its jz me.
    However, bread,cheese, eggs, some veg and if its meats, I cut them into smaller (1 pax) portion and freeze ’em, takin out only wht i need.

    Yr 2 recipes were great! easy to whip up and i luvvv yolk oozing out or over my pasta, noodles, etc!! Anything w eggs is Good.😉

  51. Sophia dear, first of all, YOU out of all people can definitely make this blogging + schooling + straight A’s up without a doubt! I love all the ideas you’ve worked out so far, but having been someone who lived in a dorm with NO kitchen, just a microwave, I can say that it was hard for me, but it’s possible! AND you have your own kitchen, so that’s a huge bonus! Don’t give yourself excuses to slack of when it comes to taking care of your body with GOOD food. You don’t have to photograph all of them or blog them, but make sure you eat well girlie!

    Hmmm I like storing food in the freezer when they go on sale. Fish, chicken wrapped individually…I like marinade and lots of seasonings. You don’t need a ton of ingredients – just different flavors so you don’t get bored. (Soy sauce, oyster sauce, and chicken powder are my favorites!) Lots of yogurts in the fridge. Fruit in big bags like apples! High fiber cereal.

  52. Both of these look like pretty darn good poor college student recipes to me. I’m loving that sandwich!

    I think you should come up with lots of simple, fun, healthy college grub so that other students can have some good ideas for meals and snacks!

  53. I know that whatever you’re given you will make the best of it! I don’t care what you write about! You could have subs every day and I’d find it interesting. Don’t worry about it. It’s all gonna work out!!
    Mmm that sushi looks amazing!❤ jess

  54. I didn’t cook at all in college because I lived on campus all four years. Eating really sucked, boo! I hope you come up with some tasty and creative ways to make do with your situation. In fact, I’m sure you will!

  55. I admire that you are continuing with so much work on. Good luck with the cooking, if you have a stove top, I would recommend some easy pasta sauces… I enjoy reading both your recipes and your insightful writings as well. Good luck with college!!

  56. First off.. those wraps have just won over my heart. Holy moly woman where do you come up with these amazing recipes!?!?!? lol. Seriously, they look so darn tasty!

    I’m a college gal too and will only be bloggin 2-3 times a week when Fall semester starts. I think it’s neat to see how what other college peeps eat so definitely keep bloggin!❤

  57. Your sushi roll-ups look amazing, I’ll have to try making them, I hope I’ll be able to find some of that amazing Nori at Assi the korean market by my house, all your food looks so good, I’m currently spending my last week at college now, and working food service, so I miss good food, since I don’t have a kitchen, only a microwave I’m living off baked sweet potatoes and amy’s burritoes. I know how hard it is to keep up a blog when at college, I have trouble doing it, but it also is a good stress reliever too:) enjoy your week/ weekend!!

  58. Pasta and rice dishes are the way to go. Both have a nice, long shelf life and you can dress them up with just three or four fresh ingredients.

    If you plan your meals and cooking carefully, you can stretch ingredients over several meals so you don’t buy too many different things. Don’t worry too much about the grocery stores – now is the time to explore minimalist cooking.

    I started learning to cook when I was in college – no prior skills, and it was quite the journey!

    Good luck to yoU!

  59. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Hmm, this is a tough one! I don’t think I’m really the right person to ask since I gained 40 pounds in my first two years of college😦

    However, I think the best thing is to just try to keep your diet as consistent with what it is now as you can while at college. I think I’ll do much better this year with a kitchen, rather than eating in the buffet-style dining hall.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to give you better advice once I’ve completed a couple weeks of cooking for one by myself this semester:)

  60. Oh, your poached egg ciabatta looks SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

    How exciting that you’ll start school in 3 weeks! My suggestion would be to just “go with the flow.” In other words, try not to plan too much!😉 Blog as often as you can; blogging should be fun, not stressful. During busy times in school, you may not be able to blog as much as you’d like to. And that’s okay. You’ll still show up in our readers when you do have time!:) And we’ll be there to read!

    As far as the content of your blog goes, I love reading your stories and seeing your food, be it fancy or simple. You always take amazing pictures and describe the food in such a way that I want to eat it! Plus, your restaurant reviews are lots of fun! Share what you are comfortable sharing and what works with your new life! Again, I’m so excited for you!!!

  61. Heyyyaaa:)
    I think you should keep your blog to be whatever it is you feel like writing- it is your blog after all- some days this, some days that:) As for college…if you are oven-less you can also get a toaster oven…multipurpose and fabuloso and perhaps with some foods make enough so there are leftovers. And yes it might be nice to befriend someone for a Trader Joe’s haul every once in a while😉

  62. I totally feel you on the school thing. Im going away to boarding school and will be solely relying on the dining hall. I am pretty sure I am going to go insane.

    If you need a care package of goodies I can always send you one either before I go away in September or when I come home on long weekends (yes, I have classes on saturdays)

  63. When I first started my blog, I was living in a tiny dorm room, living off a meal plan, so I can understand where you’re coming from. My advice would be to choose only the meals you think are worth mentioning. Also, something that I often did is take a dining hall meal, bring it back to my dorm, and add tasty/creative components to it to make it your own. I would love to see how you use your culinary sensibilities in that way.

  64. See?! No one agrees to your proposal, and looks like all friends from the English, Korean, and Chinese communities included.

    Please don’t kill your interest and passion, you need them to cope with life, and we are here to listen to you. You are not poor at all, 繼續努力,你做得到!

    And thanks for dropping by.

  65. Gahhh, there’s so many fun stuff in this post: yolk action, nori+cream cheese+matcha = crazy delicious. How do you come up with your combos?!
    I buy tons of veggies even if I live alone so I am forced to eat have them in all my meals. Hahaha.
    Always have your favorite pantry staples: soba, oats, nori, etc. If you’re allowed a rice cooker, that would greatly help you come up with simple but oh so yummy meals.:)
    As for blogging, I’ll read anything you write girl. No pressure on how often you post. School’s priority, right?😀

  66. You are so creative and thoughtful in the food you eat, it would be SUCH a shame if you shut down the blog. You can’t! Yours is one of my faves, anyway😉 Here’s what I’m thinking…maybe you could write your blog from a new point-of-view…something about eating healthy, with limited time, limited space, in a tiny apartment with limited funds, etc. What do you think? I honestly think it would be great to read and I’m sure many others would too. And, like I said, you seem like such a talented chef, I bet you could bust out ideas in no time!

  67. I always like recipes. But, I would love some plate pix and reviews from LA restaurants!

  68. I love it when you talk about your every day life, other than the food:) So make sure u do lots of that whenever u can, when school begins!!

  69. Okay, the poached egg sandwich is killing me… it looks SO GOOD! I love the dripping yolk.

    Stay with the blog – I’ll read anything you post…I am excited for you and your new adventures. I am confident you will do great and will continue to heal and grow.

  70. dont worry one bit about not being able to blog every day…I will be in the same position with all my school work! And yes life on a budget at college plus having a small kitchen makes for difficulty in getting super creative in the kitchen but I know you will pull through and figure out little things that work for you. If anything its a great adventure you are about to embark on and you will find tons of fun places to try and enjoy! Its going to be an amazing year and despite any reservations, you have solutions for them all and I have faith that you will handle them with care and grace!

  71. i love all your food pics! they are so excellent… did you ever think of going into food photog as a profession??

    i’m thinking i’m going to have to make meself a poached egg sammie one day! and soon! i love poached eggs, but have never made them into a sandwich… i thikn tomorrow maybe the day:)

    no tips, sorry, since when i moved away from home, thats when ED hit me. but i feel positive that that won’t be the same for you. you’ve learned, and you know what’s there, so you won’t be pulled back. as for what i’m willing to read on your blog, ANYTHING m’dear:) your blog is your blog. you have to write what you want to write, otherwise, it won’t be your blog!! recipes, reviews, food porn, your ramblings… i’ll read it all:)

  72. Michelle @ No Time to Weight

    Ramblings, recipes, your beautiful pics of gorgeous food – I’d take any and all:-)

  73. laurasworthlesswords

    No dont stop blogging! I love to read your blog whether its your yummy recipes or anything about your life in general, it doesnt matter:-). I`ll be reading no matter what.

    Consider going to college as a little cookery challenge for yourself. I cook for myself so I make meals for one and understand it can be pretty difficult at times to cook for just one, but I`m sure you`ll manage.

    As for time wise, well definately your school and normal life should come first but just whenever you have a moment pop on, dont feel as though you have to be blogging every day!
    Like I said no matter what you write about, I`ll be reading!

  74. i would be tres, tres sad if you left the blogsphere. even 2-3 updates a week is better than nothing from you! i always love readin’ about all your insightful thoughts & your relationship with god is inspiring to me.

    it’ll be fun (kinda?) for you to eat well on a budget – sourcing out the good shop to find some cheap but tasty foods, bargain hunting. you’ll be able try out new combos (sometimes through pure necessity!) that you’d have never imagined together & discover little cheapo foodie gems.
    plus, evolving the blog to a ‘healthy on a college budget’ theme with snaps of your new burgeoning life overcoming ed will be awesome.

    i’ll be reading whatever! whilst the food is a nice addition, i come to read about YOU!

    L. x

  75. I didn’t eat healthy when I lived in a dorm so I’m not much help, lol. But I’m quite sure you’ll think of some WONDERFUL and delicious things to make!!:)

  76. Pingback: pictures of best resturant  Blog Reviews

  77. Mmmm, I love runny egg yolks! And using bread to sop them up.

    I think trying to post while you’re in college is a great idea. It’ll be interesting to read about the challenges you face trying to cook the meals you enjoy while having a small kitchen and limited ingredients. Almost like a reverse iron chef!

  78. Please do keep blogging!:)

  79. sophia,
    your musings on life and recovery are so well written — please keep posting them, even if only a couple times a week is all that your schedule allows! keep on keepin’ on.:)
    -sofia (with an F :P)

  80. rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    whatever you write around, il read:)
    mmm that egg ciabata looks delicious!
    enjoy your weekend girlie

  81. Keep blogging at school. Eating is a part of life! Show the world how it’s possible to eat well and be healthy with limited means!

  82. balancejoyanddelicias

    I think you’ll do fine blogging at college because you have passion about it. I don’t have tips for college life because I’ve never had one… but I think keep your healthy lifestyle depends on you and not where you are. I love reading your ramblings and amazing recipes like this sandwich!!!

  83. When I was in college (many moons ago:), I ate REALLY bad and of course put on the freshman 15. At that time, I didn’t know I had food allergies and didn’t care about nutrition. So, I don’t really have any tips or advice. But, you are very creative and I’m sure you will figure out things that work once you get a routine going. Hope to see you still blogging too:)

  84. Seriosuly, whatever you write I’ll read! I love your writing style so you could probably blog the phoen book and I’d be interested😛

  85. awesome recipes!

    I say do whatever works for you with your schedule and your sanity once you start classes :) I’ll still be reading no matter what you’re posting!

  86. Ah I start college soon too! We shall see what happens..

  87. I visit certain blogs for the person behind the food! I mean, I obviously love all your inspiring creations, but there’s no way you’re going to lose your unique flare for approaching food, even if you have to use cheap ingredients:)

    I actually have the same income now as I did as a student, except my dad doesn’t bail me out anymore😛 My advice is to make what you can. Don’t throw down a bunch of money for a packaged good if you can make it cheaper at home. Or, you can do what I did and live suuuuper cheap in all other aspects of your life so you can spoil yourself with food😛

  88. Glad to hear you will continue blogging. I really enjoy reading your posts!

  89. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    If that’s an idea of what your eats will be like in college, then you are waaaaaay better off than I was! Here’s a snapshot of my college eats:

    1. beer
    2. beer
    3. peach schnappes
    4. Marlboro Lights
    5. ramen noodles
    6. easy mac
    7. sprite mixed with cranberry juice to chase away the hangover

    Repeat x 4 years and that about sums it up😉

    I’ll absolutely be interested to read anything you care to share while you’re in school…I’m excited for ya!

  90. Good call on the workaround!

    And trust me, there’s not much more free time once you graduate and have a job, go to the gym and have a relationship!

    I usually do most of my blogging super late for that reason…now if only I dind’t have to sleep, I’d be all set! 😉

  91. I think it will be exciting to see how resourceful you will be with food preparation. it will be a powerful reminder to the resut of us that we can do a whole lot with very little.

  92. A) I LOVE LOVE LOVE poached eggs (just had to get that outta my system)

    B) That take on sushi is awesome!

    C) Having been doing the blogging thing while going to university for the past year and a half, my advice is that on weekends prepare your meals. Make blog posts a little shorter when things get hectic (or cut down on the number of posts you do each week). George Foreman is freakin’ fantastic and definitely try to take advantage of “borrowing” ingredients!

    D) good luck:)

  93. I think I’m becoming more curious with what you make. I am sure you can make simple and delicious meal. Good luck my dear.

  94. Hey I’m not just here for the food! Haha, I want to hear about how you’re doing in your new school! LA is so exciting:)

    Besides, with a grill you’ll be able to make plenty of paninis. Yummmm.

    Good luck with everything! And also, artichoke tappenade?! I’ve died and gone to heaven!

  95. I’m so glad you are keeping your blog going because I totally think you can do it! I would really look forward to reading how your classes are going, how you’re maintaining your sanity with that crazy schedule, and various yummy eats on a budget! I hated our DC food, so I managed to eat mostly out of a little mini fridge, toaster and microwave haha I love poached egg and how it runs all over, looks wonderful! If you’ll cook like that, that’s great!

  96. I was worried about balencing blogging and college as well, but I think I’m going to try and see how it works out. Looking at that poached egg sandwich seriously made me drool!

  97. Yay!! Keep it going! Even if you can only write here and there, we will all be anxious to read of your college times!

    Um, I am drooling over that poached egg ciabatta….looks soo good!!!

  98. Love your roll-ups, they look so flavorful!

    I hope you have time to continue to post a few times a week, I would love to see what you make with “borrowed” dining hall items:)

  99. Crock pot + beans = endless opportunities for healthy goodness!

    I’ll be reading no matter what you’re eating/posting:)

  100. Classes ALL day on Friday?? You poor thing😦 I think your solution sounds good.

    That ciabatta sandwich looks amazing!

  101. I think blogging a couple times a week is just a really good way to relax and get away from the stress of college life for a bit. It’s also some good “me” time. Helps you collect your thoughts and everything:) Please continue blogging because I love reading everything you post – ramblings and all!

    The poached egg ciabatta looks goooood. I’m usually scared of everything you post because it looks so hard and I’m not the best cook at all, lol. But everything you make always looks so yummy, so I needa grow a pair already and try your recipes!

  102. Aww! I can’t wait to read about your college experience…even if we don’t hear from you everyday! You have such creative recipes, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make dining hall food look fabulous:)

  103. Um, I love these pictures! They are fabulous!😀

  104. Not a bad start, the wrap and ciabatta look really good!

    I am sure you’ll manage it, don’t worry. I am actually a phd student, I commute everyday so I have to leave the house by7 or 8 something and I normally get back around 6. that’s why I cook relatively simple meals during weekdays. Blogging shouldnt sound like a chore, enjoy it! Do whatever you like!

  105. Looks tasty…and I hear your dilemna, but know what…I’ll read whatever you write and love whatever crazy concoctions you come up with!! You just focus on grades and don’t worry about us, we’ll be here when you get some time!!!😀

  106. Whatever your write, I’ll read it. You make me feel young again. And I love your blog!😉

  107. crockpot. get yourself a crockpot.
    If you get one where you can fit a chicken in it, all the better, but any size you can put a big ol’ piece of meat, and then let it simmer all day while you’re in class. It’s easy, tasty, and you can use cheaper cuts of meat… Plus if you cook a big piece of beef, a chicken, etc, you can then use that meat in a few meals to come (I cook a roast, then we have strogranoff, then we have beef barley soup… and those second meals are super quick!)
    and steal veggies from the dining hall like crazy! if you’re not grocery shopping a lot it’s hard to keep some fresh ones around before they go bad, and they add up price wise. i might’ve brought tupperwear in my backpack when i was in college and taken stuff from the salad bar. and never got caught.

  108. I’d buy a toaster oven if there’s no oven in your suite.

    I think you’ll be all right, considering you’ll have a small kitchen.

    There might be a weekly farmers market on campus.

  109. When I was in college, I relied on couscous quite a bit. cos all you got to do is throw the stuff into a bowl, pour hot water on it, cover, let it sit for about 5 minutes and it’s good to eat!
    I usually add some leafy veggies and a dash of soy sauce to it, and eat. haha. and you can always add a poached egg to it too!😉

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