Operation Gnocchi: Overload

Is anybody like me? Overzealous? Overambitious? Trying to do too many things at once? Trying to be perfect in everything? If so, I hope you can commiserate with me here.

I remember once when I took up the responsibility of leading a Christmas play for my church youth group. And surprise, surprise, my type “A” personality reared its ugly head. I got greedy, and tried to do too many things at once. Was I just satisfied with a small, simple play about the birth of Christ Jesus? No, I had to go all out to make it the most spectacular Broadway-style/ sing-along/ comedy/ parody/ drama/ tragedy/ hip-hop show.

I wrote the script. I translated the script (for the Chinese folks). I directed the script. I came up with the lyrics and the tunes and all the hip-hop dance moves. I made the costumes, the settings, the make-up. I rallied up the small youth group, assigned the roles, organized the rehearsals. I dreamed, seamed, schemed,  and screamed. I thought I was Super-girl.

But unfortunately, even Super-girl isn’t super in all things. I was totally burned out and stressed up. It was hard doing everything by myself, and my drive for perfection drove me and everybody crazy. In the end, the leading actor (Joseph) refused to do the play. I told him I didn’t need him, and I ended up being Joseph (not funny!).

Anyway, long sob story short: My overzealousness and over-ambition ultimately weighed down the Christmas play, and it wasn’t as good as it could have been if I only was willing to stick to a few simple categories and focused on that. I mean, seriously, just imagine a hip-hop dancing, rapping, female Joseph who tries to be both comedic and tragic at the same time. I’m cringing. What was I thinking?

You would have thought I’d learn my lesson. Oh, no. I remade that same mistake over again in the kitchen today.

Remember the potato gnocchi I had on Monday? I decided to try making that at home. Why spend money using store-bought gnocchi when it seemed easy enough to recreate at home?

Anyway, I had grand plans. I looked up online, and was dazzled by all the different kinds of gnocchi I could make. And I decided I wanted them all. Potato? Yes. Cottage cheese? Yes. Egg? Yes. Parmesan cheese? Yes. Mozzarella cheese? Yes. Asiago cheese? Yes, yes, yes!

I even wanted to add spinach or pumpkin or beet, but decided that was a bit too overboard. I thought I was being so good resisting, but har-har.

So, I boiled the potatoes:
I mashed it up by fork.
I mixed it up with egg, cottage cheese, the three cheeses, and white whole wheat flour.
I rolled them up into long tubes.
So far, so good.
I cut them up into plump little pillows.
I indented each pillow with a fork.
Everything seemed to go so smoothly, I was getting pretty proud of myself. Gnocchi? Hah! Call me an Italian grandmother!

I even created a brilliant new pesto recipe:

Blueberry-walnut Pesto

  • 2 cups blueberries
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1 cup basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • salt

Directions: Grind it all up in my Vita-mix🙂

Beautiful, eh? A bit thick, but that’s ok!

I started cooking the gnocchi in boiling water. It seemed to sort of disintegrate in the pot…but it still held it’s shape, so I shrugged it off. It was my first time making gnocchi, so I thought maybe that was how it was supposed to be.

The problem came when I ladled the drained and cooked gnocchi onto a plate and mixed it up with the pesto. As I mixed, the gnocchi kind of flattened and turned gooey, like melted rubber. My heart fell. I knew there was something wrong with my gnocchi by then. I knew I should have stuck to a tried-and-true recipe! I think there was simply too much action going on in the gnocchi dough.

I still tried to make it look pretty, by garnishing it with torn salad greens, fresh blueberries, and fresh goat cheese:
Looks okay, I guess, but looks are deceiving.
The gnocchi was mushy and soggy. Was it inedible? No. Did it taste fine? Sort of. Was it good? No way.
The pesto sauce and tangy goat cheese saved the dish from being a complete failure. The sauce was tangy, slightly sweet, flavorful. I see a lot of potential in this.
I still ate it, but didn’t really enjoy it. Boo hoo.
I had some uncooked gnocchi dough leftover, but I dumped them. No way did I want to eat them again.
DSC01769I was going to send this to Doggybloggy from Chez What? for this week’s BSI, but I don’t want this to taint his perfect list of delicious potato recipes. Sorry, Doggybloggy!

On the bright side, I finally managed to make a blueberry recipe. I’d really wanted to submit a recipe for Reeni’s BSI: blueberries, but didn’t get the opportunity. So here’s a (verrrrry) belated recipe for you, Reeni! And I have a container of this blueberry-walnut pesto left for lots more good eats in the future! (Stay tuned)

Question of the day: Have you ever tried doing too many things at once? And any gnocchi-experts out there who can pinpoint to me exactly what I did wrong (though I think I already know)?

P.S. I might give gnocchi-making another try…sometime. In the very distant future.

P.P.S. Snackface is having a freaking sweet giveaway for fellow snackfaces like her!

P.P.P.S. Heather is also celebrating her 100th post with some ADORABLE giveaway!! (Please, I MUST win this!)

90 responses to “Operation Gnocchi: Overload

  1. well it was a rel nice try – I hope you do manage to submit something.

  2. Sorry about the gnocchi! I heard it was really tough to make. But that pesto looks amazing🙂

  3. LOL… yes.

    I always try to challenge myself. And then I get to ambitious and fall flat on my face.

    Which is why I’m not saying I’ll cut out kabocha completely, cuz that will not happen and I would just be disappointed. Haha.

    Too bad about the gnocchi! I’ve never tried to make them. You knw what’s awesome though? I made these crazy dumplings with wonton wrappers and stuffed them with a bunch of leftovers – mashed potato, couscous, parmesan, and veggie ground. DEEEEElicious. I think I posted the recipe if you want it. This was a while ago.

    Happy Weds my dear!

  4. Wow, I would never have even thought to try to make gnocchi from scratch, I say you get an A+ for effort even if it didn’t turn out perfectly.

    I think the best gnocchi I have ever had was sweet potato gnocchi with peanut sauce.

  5. Wow, but the gnocci looked so pretty before😦. Sorry it didn’t work out! Man, but that pesto is so creative with blueberries! Who would’ve thought? Never made gnocci before, so I wouldn’t know, but I’ve seen Giada (Food Network) make it so many times. I think she made a sweet one once with cinnamon and maybe sweet potatoes?

    Type A overachiever here too! Doing too many things at once = story of my life. Currently I am at work, semi-working, chatting with a co-worker, checking my email, and reading your blog😉. Whew, almost time to go home though! Also, when I cook for others, I try to impress them and cook a bajillion fancy recipes. Now my mom always says before I entertain “limit yourself to a few simple dishes”, haha.

  6. GOOD WORK!! i am impressed with the effort to make homemade gnocchi. it was just your first time — i’m sure you’ll perfect it soon enough!

  7. Wow! It was still a great learning opportunity and you even got yourself a new pesto recipe!
    I also have a Type A personality but recently I’ve been taking it easy. I miss the rush and being busy though. :s

  8. April (Foods of April)

    Too many things at once.. story of my life! Thank goodness I took the summer off. Last year I was balancing clinicals, theory, regular high-school, boyfriend, friends, family, and me time all at once!


  9. It sure looks pretty and kudos for the creativity on the blueberry pesto. I can’t wait to see your next try for gnocchi…

  10. The pesto is such a deep, pretty color! YUM! I love that you submitted it to me – I’m going to add it to my list for people who are looking for blueberry recipes. I’m sorry about your gnocchi! I’ve never made them. But I’m inspired to try.

  11. Wow i’m sorry that the gnocchi did not turn out how you wanted but I am sure you will perfect the recipe…fyi I heart gnocchi very much AND my bday is 19 days away hmmmmmm lol…maybe you can perfect it by then and freeze and send them my way lol

  12. Aw sorry your gnocchi wasn’t very good – I still give you lots of credit for attempting to make them yourself!! Don’t give up🙂

  13. You’re so talented! Gnochhi and blueberry pesto?? I’m impressed. I’ll tell you what, I just don’t have the patience to go to all that trouble. It’s awful, but I’d almost rather just buy it frozen at Trader Joe’s! Good for you for taking the time to make things homemade, I hope when I have kids I’m more motivated to cook like that! It will also help to have money so I can buy nice kitchen appliances and good ingredients.

  14. Aww, don’t give up! But I’m amazed by your bravery and your creativity. You go girl! Kudoes on the effort😀

    (And yes, I’m back to blogging. Couldn’t stay away cause I started getting depressed again and realized I needed the awesome blogging community)

  15. aw sorry about the gnocchi mishap girlie!

  16. Goat cheese to the rescue! I adore goat cheese. Sorry about the less than ideal gnocchi, but at least you tried! That’s more than most would have done. That pesto you created also looks, um AMAZING?! So the night wasn’t a total loss!

    Take care!

    Much love,

  17. I was sooooo with you all the way – gnocchi (yum) three cheeses (oh so good) and the tube (thinking to myself – even I can do that)
    I am sooooo sad they didn’t work out

  18. I’ve heard gnocchi’s very difficult to make…well, at least it makes for a pretty photo.

  19. traveleatlove

    It took me a few times to make good gnocchi. Keep trying, part of the fun of cooking is the experimenting!
    Don’t forget my Amazing Grass giveaway ends on Friday, a glorious day off of work!

  20. Aww…That’s bummer! Too bad about the gnocchi. I’ve been hesitant in trying to make it myself. I’m sort of working my way up. We’ll see. But I’m loving that pesto you made though. Nice job. i love the color of it. A purpleish pesto. Yum!!

    I’ve definitely had my share of doing too many things at one time. There have been a few times when they’ve worked out and other times it was an epic fail. Then I get all frustrated with myself. Not a pretty sight. lol.

  21. i’ve only tried gnocchi once or twice, but i’ve been meaning to do it again!

    i do this all the time, i have some ingredient i want to use, look up recipes, come up with 5 and try to make them all… 🙂

  22. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog!! Yeah you should try a green smoothie. Seriously it’s good, you can’t taste the spinach at all if you make it right! Keep it up with the blog, your writing style is phenomenal and your blog is one of my favorites🙂

    Also you are a very creative chef, even if this one was a flop.

  23. aww i am sorry to hear about the gnocchi🙂 In your defense it looks amazing!! I love how you make all these healthy dishes! such a little chef haha

  24. Bummer it didn’t turn out well! Everything looks so nice, nonetheless!

  25. Awww, poor Sophia! I made gnocchi on my blog. My brother makes them nightly at his restaurant so I followed his advice. He said to bake them, rather than boil so they aren’t water-logged. And he uses 1 egg yolk per four potatoes and puts them in the fridge awhile before boiling them so they’re cold. Kneading has to be done really gently, otherwise they’ll get rubbery like you said. I was also surprised by how quickly they cooked – literally like 1 or 2 minutes, so did you cook them too long? I also seared mine at the end! Here’s mine: http://www.dinneratchristinas.com/2009/01/homemade-gnocchi.html

    I think most of my dinner fails are when I try to make several new, exciting dishes all at the same time. I end up running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off. It’s best for me to introduce something new with familiar items, rather than group all new items together. Oh and labor intensive baking processes! I dirty the entire kitchen and they never come out how I planned.

  26. I’ve never made gnocchi, but I’ve heard it’s difficult! That blueberry pesto looks incredible, I love sweet/savory flavor combos.

  27. Hehe wow, you were a one woman play there! No wonder you were burnt out! Aww what a shame about the gnocchi but wow, what about that blueberry pesto? I’ve never tried that before!😮

  28. Okay I am hoping this comment works because this is my third try… grrr internet conection

    I am the same way… I ALWAYS take on too much, too fast. I wish I could help you with your gnocchi dilemma. My family is [very] Italian and when my mom makes it she just makes it- no instructions, no measuring, and also, no sharing the secret recipe with me. It always comes out delicious though. Maybe one day she will give up her secret! But not anytime soon haha

  29. PURPLE PESTO! Ahhh that’s awesome! I love purple! Hehe!

    Okay, kudos for even ATTEMPTING to make gnocchi, even if it didn’t exactly turn out as planned! That’s some advanced cooking right there😉

  30. Although the gnocci didn’t turn out well, mad props to giving it a try! And my parent’s house is CRAWLING with Basil and my mom’s been pushing me to try to make pesto forever, so I’ll definitely try the blueberry creation, looks delish!

    As for the overambitiousness… it’s legit the story of my life. Last semester after quitting my 4-day-a-week job (opening a gym at 5 am) and doing nursing school and a sorority… I decided hey with that extra time I can take a position.
    Wrong o! I was so burnt out (oh I forgot to add, figuring out how to kick an ED with group/individual every week sheesh!) that I was lucky I enjoyed China as much as I did. I am happy to say though that I think I’m finally remembering what its like to CHILL😀

    Once my shirt from China is un-grossified I’ll post a pic

    Have a great night!❤ Jenn

  31. hehe…I’ve had moments like these…but you learn from the mistakes…and trying things for the first time doesn’t always mean you’ll get it right no matter how well you can cook😀 I leart that the hard way when I tried to make my own soy milk…I’m gonna stick to store bought from now on.

  32. Especially when it comes to schoolwork, sometimes I try to do too much. It’s hard because I feel like I need to accomplish a certain amount, but at the same time I need to balance academics with other needs. Too much ambition can be a bad thing!

    Love the pesto. So pretty and fresh!

  33. boo😦 sorry the gnocchi didn’t turn out… but that pesto sounds fabulous, I want tons and tons and tons of it!

    Whenever I make big dinners I get so stressed with all the pots and oven items and generally it works out but I’ve burned many a steak while attempting to perfectly blanch my green beans

  34. Yes! Pasta did it to me too. I attempted to make pumpkin ravioli once. With a whole pumpkin and make the dough from scratch. I wanted to die by the end of it and thought it was bland anyway!
    It will take time to get over the pasta trauma, but you will!🙂

  35. hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    Next time lover girl!
    and i am SOOO trying that blueberry pesto..yummooo!!

  36. Aww, sorry the gnocchi didn’t work out. I tried to make chickpea gnocchi once – big mistake ( I don’t think there was enough starch), it was a huge mess!

    Your blueberry pesto sounds divine though!

  37. Sorry that the gnocchi didn’t turn out so well. I used to make my own gnocchi years ago – when I had time and energy and people didn’t complain when things didn’t turn out so well (before the teenager was a teenager). Well, I guess I was more ambitious back then…🙂 I don’t really remember the gnocchi recipe I used. But I remember having to be careful not to boil the gnocchi but to have the water at more of a simmer, otherwise they would fall apart and be soggy. These days, I buy gnocchi and make my own sauce. And, I always eat gnocchi when we eat out (but we don’t eat out very often)…

    The blueberry-walnut pesto sounds and looks awesome! I’ll have to try it.

  38. what a bummer… it’s easy to go terribly wrong with gnocchi though. i just don’t have the patience to make it myself anymore.

  39. So sorry about the gnocchi. I’ve heard it’s really hard to make so don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Blueberry walnut pesto is a really unique idea. I bet it was fantastic.

  40. Bummer😦 But good in theory…love that pesto…so creative (as usual)! Keep trying my friend😀

  41. Next time you make some, you can try to bake the potatoes instead of boiling them at the beginning of the recipe. It will keep them from becoming too heavy and thus, getting more water than they need.

  42. at least you tried to make it! come on, we all have stories of recipes we’ve attempted that have failed miserabley. and I’d say yours didn’t fail so miserabley…it at least looked good in the photos!

  43. I’m so sorry about your gnocchi fail, but that pesto looks sooo creative and marvelous!! I must try it soon! So it was tasty and worth to make for a different type of pasta?

  44. Blueberry pesto–so creative! I love it.

  45. lesouefsbrouilles

    gosh you are SOO asian with the huge cleaver! haha

  46. Ahh, bummer about the gnocchi. With things like that I tend to follow recipes because pasta can be a fiddly thing. I often make food which doesn’t come out well, but that’s how you learn hey! I think its a good thing that you tried something different. The bluberry sauce is a little out of this world though! Loving that!

  47. Sometimes simple really is best, although a hip-hop dancing, rapping, female Joseph who tries to be both comedic and tragic at the same time does sound kind of interesting for a movie or something!

    My mom and I have made gnocchi before, just stick to a basic recipe next time. I suggest looking online for a recipe with a lot of postive ratings. I think the most important thing is being at ease–if you rush through something you’ve never made before it often backfires.

  48. trying to be perfect and doing multi tasking, sounds like me, m forever doing this, i m always trying to be this perfect person, at office, at home,w ith friends etc, i think somewhere we need to stop being perfect and enjoy the life the way it comes, trying to do so! Sorry about Gnocchi, i have heard its pretty tough to make, its on my to do list forever, dont know when i’ll gather enough courage to make it🙂 loved blueberry pesto, looks sooo good!

  49. omg we are two peas in a pod. I always try to overextend myself and it always ends up being too stressful and just no bueno. I need to learn to just do my beat instead of beating myself up for not being the best!

  50. you’re so brave trying to make gnocchis, I meant to make it for a long time but haven’t tried it yet. So, please let us know when you find the right recipe! although that purple pesto sounds delicious and looks so pretty!🙂

  51. I really appreciate it when people share failures as well as successes. Sometimes we learn more from the failures!

  52. I tried to make spinach gnocchi once and it didn’t taste like gnocchi at all. More like crusty spinach balls, so don’t feel bad!

    I definitely tend to take too much on at once. My last semester of university, I was working THREE jobs, going to class full-time, AND doing all my final grad papers/projects for school. It was madness.

  53. oh yes- I am always trying to do too much🙂 I have made Gnocchi- its so much fun, but lots-o work! Great new recipe chica

  54. aww…it looks really good from where I am sitting! No idea what went wrong since I have only used pre-made, but my vote always goes to covering things in ketchup and cheese if the meal isn’t good😛

  55. Sorry for your gnocchi😦
    It looked awesome at beggining lol!
    The pesto is very pretty, I thought you made blueberry ice cream.

    I remembered the last time I tried to make Strawberry muffins. But I subbed A FEW ingredients, aka applesauce for all the oil (NEVER DO THAT), ww flour, less sugar…Now I always stick to the recipe, either it’s loaded with fat/sugar or not, lol.

  56. I always overdo it too. Sometimes we DO try too much, and have to realize we can’t get it right on the first try. It’s so hard though. It’s hard to start small when you have big ambitions!

  57. What a gorgeous purple colour!!! very pretty. I love gnocchi it’s so versatile with flavours.

  58. Aww I’m sorry your experiment didn’t work out as planned!! I’ve been meaning to make my own gnocchi for years, ever since my brother ordered it at a restaurant and wanted me to try and replicate it… somehow that never happened, so can’t help you there!!

    As for trying to do too many things at once… my total downfall.

  59. i love the Christmas play story 🙂 sounds like something I would do, too!

    I’ve never made my own gnocchi, but I would love to try.

    your pesto sounds awesome!

  60. You are too cute, I have always wanted to make Gnocci but have been scared! I used be that person (but with age I have realized not being perfect is AOK)

  61. blueberry pesto sounds friggin’ delish! you are a genius! the gnocchi may not have been the best, but it looks awesome. have a fabulous day:)

  62. That is such a creative meal!

  63. sorry you gnocchi didn’t turn out like you wanted.

    I haven’t ventured into making it yet, but I SHOULD because I ADORE it.

    you’ll get the hang of it!

    and I OVER DO IT all the time! I feel so uncomfortable slowing down and being “less productive”

    It’s a slow process but I am working on it!🙂

  64. So sorry your gnocci didn’t turn out quite right. I hope you try again sooner rather than later – cooking is all about experimenting.

  65. I’m definitely guilty of trying to do too much at once all the time, but age has calmed me down a bit.

    Sorry your gnocchi didn’t turn out wonderfully but learning from mistakes is essential. I’m not a gnocchi expert but it does sound like there was too much in there.

  66. Hmmm…. the last time I made gnocchi – the result was just the opposite they were too dense and a little too al dente for my taste🙂 I love the idea of Blueberry-walnut Pesto – that’s a brilliant creation!

  67. I really think you’re being too hard on yourself when it comes to the gnocchi. Gnocchi are hard. That’s why you only see little old Italian grandmas making them – the rest of us have to keep trying until we are little old grandmas ourselves🙂 The blueberry walnut pesto is a great idea – blueberries are supposed to be some kind of superfood and it’s a great way to work them into the diet.

  68. Sweet and Fit

    so sorry about the gnocchi mishap!

    in culinary school, I learned that before putting it in the pot of water the gnocchi must be cold – so first chill it in the fridge/freezer for a bit!

    so excited to meet you =)

  69. Bummer! Did the gnocchi cook too long?? Ah well, the kitchen was made for experimenting!!

    So do tell more about this BSI thing…I’m curious!

  70. Your gnocchi sound delicious but the pesto is A-MA-ZING. I would have never thought how creating such beautiful colors with these few ingredients. Very inspiring

  71. I am exactly like that to a TEE. I always want to go above and beyond, especially when I have people over or do cooking parties. I have to have a bazillion things going on. I actually like the rush I get from that, but sometimes it’s a bit too much. I still can’t quite seem to tone it down though🙂
    I have tried to make gnocchi once, but they didn’t turn out well either. They were way too moist and I had to add a ton of flour. They were too gooey, but it did work out well once they set up in the fridge and I sauteed them until golden and crispy. I think I am going to try to micro the potatoes next time because that extracts some of the moisture, I will also let the dough set up in the fridge to see if that will help. Let me know if you master the gnocchi!

  72. I am sorry that the gnocchi behaved badly with you, but it looks really good!!

    I am in love with your blueberry pesto!

  73. WOW. homemade gnocchi and blueberry pesto? so ambitious, even if it didnt turn out like you planned, props to you!

    sometimes when i am cooking for myt fanily i get like 5 or 6 dishes going at once and i tend to get a little overwhelmed.. but then it all works out. i love the action of the kitchen!

  74. I think it was Thomas Edison who said, “Invention is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Kudos for being creative!

  75. awww girl! I’ve had that same problem happen to me before! I don’t know how to fix it (I actually just buy frozen ones, now)

    Your blueberry pesto looks SPECTACULAR–maybe you can put it to good use elsewhere🙂

  76. yum…blueberry pesto! those blueberries just look amazing🙂
    the potato gnocchi looks really cool too!🙂

  77. Man, I give you props on attempting the gnocchi. It is one of my favorite pastas of all time. My sister and I tried making it once. Oh how naive we were! Everything was going great until we boiled them…they all stuck together and we had one big glob of gnocchi. UGH! Still have yet to battle that again. I must say you pesto looks very unique…I love traditional-this one looks like a must try!

  78. I definitely identify with you as a fellow type A. I always try to go all out on everything, which doesn’t always work! Loved your story about having to play Joseph in your Christmas musical extravaganza, though.🙂

    The blueberry gnocchi are so pretty! I hope you can perfect the recipe because it looks super delish…even if it didn’t taste so good the first time around.

  79. Thanks for commenting on my blog. This post was hilarious to read, but I understand not so much at the time! I bet it was still a good play though. Sorry about the gnocchi, you did a lot better than I could have!

  80. Ha…. I’m a store bought gnocchi kind of a girl….. I’ve tried and failed at millions of recipes… too many to name here….. but I’ve succeeded at even more. I just get right back in the kitchen and keep on tryin’! Happy 4th!

  81. Hey!
    Thank you for the comment🙂
    Im definetley gonna keep on resisting my fear of calories, cbecause as you said, they are not something to be feared, but rather the measure of energy our bodies truly need.
    great blog by the way! Im really impressed with your cooking skills,
    inspires me to try and be a little more adventurous in the kitchen..maybe I should take some cooking classes first though..for the sake of my taste buds
    have a great day girlie!

  82. Type A??? oh thts me too ;p!!
    But over the years..one can say I’ve “grown up” & learnt to prioritise & do what i can, NOT what I want!
    Sometimes it feels like can’t cope at all, whn things all suddenly go wrong at the same time! & tht tends to happens whn ya doin too many things at one time!

    Gnocchi? darn, i hv yet to eat one!

  83. I think it’s amazing that you tried, I’m so intimidated by gnocchi. I have no doubt that you’ll have it down in no time!

  84. Trial and error make the best of cooks! Def try it again, and don’t give up till you get it perfect! It took me about 10 tries to finally get the “perf” homemade bagel–but it was SOO worth it :-]

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  86. blueberry walnut pesto? omg, yes please. sorry your gnocchi didn’t work out! i get overzealous in the kitchen all too often. experimentation can easily get out of hand.🙂

  87. I’m sorry your gnocchi didn’t turn out! But I’m sure you’ll perfect it!

    Oh yes, I’ve tried to do too many things at once:not fun! There really is a time when you just need to say: enough is enough!
    ❤ jess

  88. That blueberry walnut pesto sounds and looks incredible! The purple color just makes me happy🙂
    Sorry to hear about the gnocchi. I really hate when you put your heart into a meal and it’s a bust. I’ve definitely been there.

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  90. I love blueberries!! I definitely have to try this!


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